The Big Picture: Favorite Ms. Take - Part 2

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Comics....Are weird.

Raise your hand if you watched the X-Men: Animated Series (90's version) where Rogue confronts Danvers?

I didn't read the events leading up to the House of M, but I did read House of M... and I liked it. Except for the part that made Wanda a little creepy. I also liked the end result, even if I find it mind-boggling why some people remember and others don't.

Strange how the near-extinction of Mutant-kind hasn't made people any nicer to them.

Very nicely done Bob. Thank you for doing these. I like feeling like I know little bits of comic continuity. :D

haha. what aobut superhero squad? dahdahdahdah,dahdahdahdah, superhero squad

And the only thing I knew for sure was:

Raise your hand if you watched the X-Men: Animated Series (90's version) where Rogue confronts Danvers?

Mah hands be raised!


Anyways, holy skittles why must comics do this? Reading a random book must be like....meeting someone for the first time. You know a bit about them, and the further back you go, the more they reveal to you...and the further ahead you go, the more you learn first hand.

You know, instead of it being like spoilers...because comics are just that weird. D:

I... But.. They... What in the world did I just watch? I know they say comic-book continuity is convoluted, but... come on. That's just absurd.

Yup I knew nearly everything here, still good to see such a concise summary.

Also while I'd love Carol and Peter to date, I think that's been moved off the table, with both Carlie Cooper's on and off again relationship and MJ's renewed interest. Honestly you who I think would make a great partner for Ms Marvel? Wolverine, they've previous history, both are on the same team and it'd be nice to see Wolverine with someone who isn't going to end up killed off by Ninjas or something else. Melita is a nice girl but really her days seem numbered. Also is there anything more romantic than a couple pulling off a fastball special?

Man, I wished for her in Marvel vs. Capcom.

Instead we got Nova.

Nova has made a pretty good comeback from absolute nobody in recent years with his heavy involvement in all the Cosmic Crises. Plus he's a pretty decent character now that he's had a chance to mature. But the absence of Ms Marvel sucks.

But, also... I miss Chris Claremont. He wrote amazing stories and he was able to fix terrible stories; I'd love to see Chris Claremont fix "House of M" or "Civil War" or "One More Day", because I believe he could and he'd blow our minds.

I don't know a lot of his later stuff hasn't been anywhere near his old work. X-treme X-men and Exiles were both readable but largely forgettable.

On another note, they made Jubilee a vampire in the comics, what the F is up with that?!

It's actually an improvement from what she was previously doing, she'd been depowered by House of M and was in a team of likewise depowered mutants using tech based powers calling herself "Wondra" and acting completely out of character. In Adjectiveless X-men and her appearances in X23, she's actually been very enjoyable to read, adapting to using her vampire abilites to be a hero again.

All I can say is, thank God for people like Chris Clairemont who at least try to fix this kind of shit...

Also, I lol'd at the "I've Gone Crosseyed" bits.

What you weekly give us Mr. Movie Bob are really nice, rare treasures filled with jewels made of the multifaceted precious stone "nerdite" (or "nerdium", if they are made from comic's metal).
I thank you for this constant gemmology lessons.

HA! That was the best closing of any episode. Good work Bob!

Oh lord that's confusing. Good episode. I really hate convoluted stories like this when I'm actually reading a superhero comic, but I enjoy your summary. How does this happen? I feel like characters should just die with their creators' interest. That seem to happen with pretty much every other comic except the most extremely popular comic strips.

Vault Citizen:
Spiderman and Ms. Marvel? I know nothing of her personality outside of the last two episodes of this show so I have to ask, is that a good match?

She's very mature now. At least, she was last time I read her comics. It would be a strange match, but she could definately keep up with spiderman. She can have a bit of snarkiness in her if thee situtation call for it.

thats why I never liked comics (with an exception of a few). For starters, they have no limitations. Any idea that someone farted out is actually viable. There is a very thin line between originality and absurd, and comics are way on the absurd side. Thats where inconsistency kicks in. Characters remade, rewritten, recycled, revived and everything else that has prefix -re. Any character that undergoes such process loses all its identity, originality, character and so on. Ms Marvel is perfect example. Granted, the big names stay more or less consistent, since its they who push the train. But for every spiderman, there is an army of Ms Marvels. Then there is massive lack of cohesion. This point is rather self-explanatory. The list for me here is pretty extensive, but one of the biggest problems for me (and I emphasize FOR ME!!!), is absence of ending. Its the worst thing that you can do to a story. I would better have one good spiderman, then dozens of crappy rewritten and re-whatever ones. Same applies to Iror man, X-Men etc. For conclusion, as it is right there in the face, I can only say that comics are not being made to entertain, but for profit. Yeah, I know, a very cliche statement. But that is how I perceive this medium.


I find myself wondering what the age difference is between Ms. Marvel and Spider-man.

She's probably older by either a little less or a little more than ten years.

In typical "Marvel Time," Peter Parker getting bitten/becoming Spider-Man happens over the course a few years roughly coinciding with the FF's debut, making him a high-schooler at the time. Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) is supposed to have been a tenured FBI/military officer during the same period, so she'd have to be AT LEAST in her late 20s while he was still in his late teens... though, really, this should all go into the "Don't Think Too Hard About This" file.

Arglebargleforumatemypost >.<

Thanks for the clarification, Bob. Sounds like concerns over possibly wide age-gaps between romantic partners probably won't be added to the list of bizarro crap with which Spidey and Ms. Marvel already have to be concerned, then. Keepin' it simple!

Actually I think Spiderman and Ms. Marvel do make a good couple, we need flying spider kids :P

... wait, what ?

No offense, Bob, but it seems like you wish you were a girl.

I'd like to see Bob's take on the whole Legion of Super Heroes. Now that shows that "Comics...Are...Weird!"

Mind=Blown. I really want to say thanks for clearing up the whole "Dark Avengers" stuff. I was wondering WTF was going on. I'll have to look for that book where Carol comes back and kicks that phonies ass. Humm, her and Peter... Well I can see it. For one Peter wouldnt have to be worried about "saving" her, hell she would save him. I think Spidey would benefit from having a partner that is not only another super but someone with a hell of alot of power.

Also lulz, you could spend a month going over Avengers Dissasembled and House of M. Then another month or so on Civil War and Secret Invasion(I havent read much past couple years)

I don't know if anyone mentioned this or not but the 90's cartoons of the xmen actually explained where rogue got the ability to fly, it's worth a look if you haven't seen it and care....

You're awesome and I love it and I love you. A lot of this was confusing (I think I literally got cross-eyed at one point) but it's still awesome and it's great that you took the time to explain as much as you did!

Wow, loved the "Oh dear I've gone cross-eyed" parts! added JUST enough random to an otherwise fairly regular video.

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