Unskippable: Dungeon Siege 3

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Yeah, yeah, Empire going down. Or shall we say.. Ehbbing? Geez, way to give away a story there, gamemakers. For all the time they used Jeyne Kassynder, I expected there to be a little (TM) after it.

If the Kassynder family ever name their child Jayne every unskippable fan from here to Azerbaijan will run in terror of being forced to watch more of this scene.

Also I agree with Paul's comment at the end, apart from burning down the forest what did Jayne Kassynder actually do that was so evil? did I miss something?


I could understand why they would be concerned if he has some sort of magical ability ala the hero in fable. But to be the randomly trained sprog of someone who happened to be in the legion is just random at best. Why would anyone even care that much about him still being alive.

So wierd.

Sorry this is totally off topic but I can't believe I've finally found proof of someone else who uses the word sprog! Every time I say it I have to explain it, and then they don't believe it is an actual word which people use!

So, basicly the plot motivation goes like this:
Empire fell, we ran, took over in here, ruled, someone else took over from us, now rules, we want to take over and rule again?
I'm not really sold on the concept, how do the people feel about this?
Has anyone taken a poll?

For all i know the 10th legion was complete and total dictatorship (and i'm not all that comfortable with a ruling class people are born to) and Jayne Kassynder might either be
A: better
B: worse
C: just the same

so, 2 out of 3 odds that there is no point in the whole thing.

Funny they should mention TF2's Spy, because that guy Marten(?) is voiced by the guy who does the Medic.

Then again, Robin Atkins Downes does do a crap-ton of game voices, so I guess it was only a matter of time.

I heard that if you say "Jeyne Kassynder" 3 times in front of a mirror, she'll come and lay fiery waste to a forest near you.

Wouldn't the hero form the 11th Legion, since it consists of an entirely new group of individuals, or can Odo not count past ten?

Odo was iliterate, but he could fight so that made up for it.

I heard that if you say "Jeyne Kassynder" 3 times in front of a mirror, she'll come and lay fiery waste to a forest near you.

that will make Bloody Mary jealous

The fact that the 'Skip' option comes up in some videos really makes me dislike this show, just feels lazy sometimes. And some of the jokes are way too long.

Otherwise, some great jokes in there, the references I get always make me laugh.

When it came to Jeyne Kassynder, did they ever use "she" instead? You know, like normal people? Then again, Jeyne Kassynder seems like the type of person who is kind of a big deal.

The 10th legion remind me a bit of the Cardassians.

Also, good alternate history at the end. Yep, freedom fighters for the win. It would be great if the game was two stories in one!

So I got to thinking maybe I'm Jeyne Kassynder and I just don't know it yet.

Let me guess... someone stole your Jeyne Kassynder.

Suprized at the lack of Uwe Boll movie joke references!
Jeyne Kassynder... hmmm... I wonder who that is xD
(I actually bought this game. Found the 1st one steller)

So many games (and indeed films) do this. WHY ARE WE ROOTING FOR OUR TEAM?!

I mean seriously, why is the 10th legion good? I've been given some expose on our enemy but that doesn't really help because all I have is the word of some old guy who is undoubtedly going to be quite bitter about the fact that his happy little empire was taken away from him. It reminds me of so many plots where we are just assumed to be on the side of right because...well, because they say so. Or often times they don't even bother saying, it's just a straight up assumption.

Anyway yeah this was an annoying intro, the Jeyne thing got surprisingly irritating (seriously...) and the premise just seems empty. A cliché we're meant to just run with because...well because it's a cliché. Lazy...

On the video though, yeah I liked it, it was good.

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