Zero Punctuation: Saints Row: The Third

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It's just like Dead Risings problem is that it forced me to play as a transvestite who hits people with crazy objects when it should have know I would have seeked it out anyway.

I feel weird.

I'm kind of surprised that NONE of the reviews for this game have talked about how radically different the control scheme is in this one compared to SR2. I may be overstating but I remember there being a cover system in SR2. I also hate how you have to tap X (360) to look behind your car when it was the bumpers in SR and 2. Also nobody mentioned how fist-fighting turned into QTE's unless you punch people in the back of the head. Final sin: once you find an activity (insurance fraud, mayhem, etc.) it auto-boots you once you finish that round instead of letting you go through levels 1-6 or, stop whenever you're tired of that particular game.

Anyway, good critique Ben, while I watched the video and typed this I've been hanging out in a Friendly Fire waiting for money to build on my smart phone. Time to check the bank...

I was actually very disappointed in SR3. there's nothing "added" only replaced. the "new" activities (which are just variants of older ones) replace some of my favorite ones, like crowd control and fight club. The customization is certainly lacking compared to SR2. There's Planet Saints which you can look like your average teenager attempting to get into a party, then theres maybe one or two other stores and they have almost no items. I ended up going with a simmilar path to Yahtzee in that I had a nicely dressed man in a pin striped suit and a top hat tilted at an absurd angle which contrasted nicely with the maniacal killings I did back in SR2. In Saints Row the Third, I can't choose to make my suit a pinstripe, and I can't get my hat to fit any other place than squarely on my head.

If it wasn't for the streets of Steelport feeling more lively than sr2's did, I would say that this game was a complete downgrade. I mean, after my first playthrough of 2, I had logged 20 hours. after beating the final mission in 3 it was up to 9. You can still get much more out of it, just like 2, but it really ISN'T as much fun. I literally went back saints row 2 and restarted the story another time (by now I have over 100 hours, not including times I didn't save by the end) and I haven't even beaten the Ronin missions yet. (i'm about 1/3 done with the game for those that don't know) Also the headset from the premium pack isn't very special. The autotuning is pretty lame and it isn't the highest end sound for something in it's price range.

BTW, that part about not having any introduction to the activities is false; they just put it in as the missions. For example, Professor Genki's S.E.R.C. is because Pierce put you in the show as a contestant to earn money.

I've been getting into Prototype 2 this past weekend, and it strikes me how similar it is to this game.

No, I don't think the series has lost several missions and such (at least not if you have the Radnet pre-order content). However, the missions themselves are rather repetitive, like in SR3. There's usually a formula, whether it's "find mission for person X, eat him if you haven't already, do the mission" or (in the actual missions) "kill some brutes and/or a juggernaut or two or an evolved person" or "grab the boxes in time".

Sorry but I have to disagree, in my opinion SR3 is a better game. It's a game that knows what it is (ie silly cathartic fun) and just runs with it. If you want to role play and get that sense of working your way up from nothing then you should play an MMORPG Yahtzee.

Just got it. Got bored in seconds.

For once I agree with yahtzee. Normally I just treat him as an entertainer, not someone whos opinions really matter. But, well...

I remember playing SR2 with a friend and having endless, mental fun. A random robbery turned into a maddash away from armed police, it just escalated from there and was utterly awesome.

This time around? Meh.

I managed to log about half an hour. Maybe more. I just couldn't stomach it any more. cntrl-alt deleted my way out of a cutscene, uninstalling it as I type this. A game needs pace to be anything close to enjoyable. I was ok with the mental opener, I thought it was a glorified tutorial where you are taught basic mechanics. Following the arrest I thought that maybe, just maybe, an interesting game was about to begin.

It never did.

I just could not find it enjoyable. At all. From what I played, it was/is about as easy and engrossing as taking a shit. Frankly? I would not recommend this game to anyone.

Sure, its mental cathartic fun. But Prototype did that better. Hell, GTA San Andreas did that better. Because both games had some semblance of pacing.

I need to get GTA4 again.

Wasn't Mafia II in Chicago?

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