Name Game: The Scarf

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The Scarf

Lando hasn't really had his own strip, so I figured it was time to give him one.

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That's the cutest thing I've seen all week. Considering I spent yesterday looking at cat pictures, that's saying something.


He should have taken the little fella home with him =D

I've seen a chipmunk that tame. But even if I did, I wear hoods instead of scarfs :(

Awww, that's just so cute! ^_^

Takes some skill to invoke this kind of emotion without even using any words :)

=3 My face is stuck in D'awwwwww mode =3

That was actually rather touching.

You have warmed my cold heart this day, well done.

And then the chipmunk bit him and he got rabies.

There. I've done my job for today.

Nah okay it's pretty darn cute.

Soooooo cute.

General Michi:


All my happy. All of it. I'm filled with the urge to buy scarves for the entire animal kingdom.

I would have taken him home, exposed him and myself, obviously) to high dosages of radiation, and then team up with him to form a pair of mutated-crime fighters!

or just keep him as a pet...

This reminds me of a little mouse that was just sitting there on the sidewalk one day when I was returning home from university. I was surprised that it didn't run away and suspected that something was wrong with it. Sure enough, one of it's legs was turned the other way around. I took it in my hands and carried it home. It just sat in my palms all the way, barely moving. At home I put it in a shoebox with grass, water and some provender, but the next day it was dead. I assume it also had some internal wounds from whatever happened to it.

Practically the same thing also happened to me with a little bunny once. Little furry animals do that when they are about to die. They just sit there in the open and don't move.

cute, my cat (currently sat on my lap looking at the monitor) isn't impressed but I say cute!

My god her art is getting good. Has anyone else noticed this? I remeber her way back from the sunday funnies. Serious improvement!

On a side note,


When I read the word "scarf", I thought about someone going hipster... I'm glad I was wrong.

He left the chipmunk in the open, at the mercy of any stray cat, hawk or wandering moniter lizard, at least put it in the bushs!

Now I'm not an animologist or anything, but shouldn't they be flying South this time of year?

Did I mention that this comic was incredibly girly yet?


*thinks about it for a second.*

Wait! that heartless bastard that thing will freeze on the park bench! Especially once it's covered in the falling snow!

Still very cute, I know him being on top of the scarf instead of say inside it is just an aesthetic and visual thing.

Hang on, i'm going to need a build up for this.
*extremely deep breath*



Actually, the squirrels around my house gather around me when I walk outside. Confuses people, actually.

his name is now Mr Squeaky-Squoo and i want him to become a regular character.


Actually, the squirrels around my house gather around me when I walk outside. Confuses people, actually.

in their tongue, he is Squovahkiin, SQUIRREL-BORN!

So it ate him except for the scarf?

I'm not sure why everyone's saying that's so sweet.

And then the chipmunk bit him and he got rabies.

There. I've done my job for today.

Nah okay it's pretty darn cute.

Yes, actually that was my first thought.

BUT then I remembered this summer. Having liberated a manically frantic chipmunk who was trapped in the house and almost got bitten by it, I found out that rabbies are believed to be extinct and cuty chipmunks don't spread that disease anymore.


I was hoping he would take him home and then The Cutest Chipmunk Ever and Podi could be BFFs. But still, adorable.

Waaaaaaaaay too cute! x3
Will the chipmunk be a regular now or was it just random?


But no Lando-centric strip before? LIES!

That chipmunk went on to become Ryu Hayabusa. The scarf he forever wears around his neck is a reminder of the stranger who saved him and his bloodlust one cold winter's day...

This makes me feel warm inside, thanks :)

I used to love Name Game, then I Took a chipmunk in the Knee.

Sometimes I forget Name Game has comics on Thursday. So when I come to the Escapist and see them they're like a little pleasant surprise. And this one was pretty nice. Works well for this time of year, too. Peace on Earth and Good Will towards man (and chipmunks) as they say.

I'd like to see more comics about Lando, though. All we really know is people call him Lando and he's afraid of wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men. I guess we can add animal lover to that, now.

Not shown is later some street punks would come by and chase the chipmunk away with perhaps the thoughts to step on it while stealing the scarf and calling the person who left it there a pussy.

Though that is a nice comic. Reminds me of when a Friend brought home a box of kittens from the cold one night then had me drive her around while we delivered them to people that would take care of them. Bitch didnt even pay me back for gas

Besides, didnt Lando get a comic about him and the inflatable air person?

Aw so cute!

Great strip, LeeLee.

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