MovieBob: Intermission: Oh, Behave!

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I quit going to the the theater years ago for just these reasons. Instead I go to the drive-in! The Drive-In the savior to all misanthropes that still want to see movies on the big screen! And with better food at better prices.

3 bucks for a box of candy? Hell no, 3 bucks for a BURGER! With CHEESE!

Does it suck that I have to drive at least an hour to get to a town with a theater? Yeah. But I'll take it over loud teenagers, ringing cell phones, crying babies, and children who just WILL NOT SIT THE FUCK DOWN!!!!!! and their parents going "Anthony...sit down....anthony...anthony....sit down anthony....anthony....come sit down with mommy....come on...please come sit down with mommy....anthony...anthony..."

FUCK LADY! If he won't sit down MAKE HIM! If he still won't sit down GO HOME! That's what my mother would have done.

This, a thousand times, this.

I used to go to the movies a lot, then cell phones became a thing, and going to movies just degenerated from that point on. However, we found a DRIVE-IN! Like you said, it was like finding a savior or something. Half the price per person, you can bring your own food or buy a hotdog for like a dollar, and even if the guy beside your car is annoying you you can control your own movies volume and can thus drown the man out. The kids still go running around screaming, but in the open air, it really doesn't matter, and has like no volume anymore. There are only three big downsides really, mosquitoes, the drive-in being closed in winter, and going on any holiday that might possibly involve fireworks.

Why we lost most of these wonderful things, I will never know.

Oh, Behave!

I can't help but to think about this guy: (sorry, I couldn't find a better one)

OT: I've been quite fortunate and lucky enough to not encounter any of these problems, although the nearest thing to experience something annoying was when I watched Fast and Furious 2 with my friends, when a wise guy tried to do a "clever" comment by literally yelling "Herp Derp". 2 seconds later, half of the theater were yelling and throwing popcorn at him, it was hilarious, better than the actual movie anyways.

As a father of a 17 month old I have no idea why someone would take a child that young to movies. I would say that they need to be at least 3 or 4 (depending on temperament) and even then you would take them to movies for that age population.

Actually to be fair, during a movie I got a call (while my phone was on vibrate) that my dog had died and that I should go comfort my mother. I promptly up and left (and stopped bugging movie goers). So not an emergency per se but something significant enough to warrant getting the call.

Pffft. THIS is the only list you need!


I remember watching the aqua teen movie in theaters and when that came on i was like this is the most genius thing ever!

I clicked on one of the links at the start, and found the following nugget in the article regarding the American Psycho reboot:

Jones pitched the project to Lionsgate several months ago and recently turned in a script that explores how Bateman would fare in modern-day Gotham.

While I am a fan of bad puns and silly word plays, I want to punch the author of this article in the dick. Although I suspect that this has more to do with my anger at the fact that a perfectly fine movie is being subjected to a needless remake.

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