LoadingReadyRun: Formal Complaint

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I was expecting the stinger as a line all throughout the episode.

...and yet, the delivery was quite amusing. Good job, guys.

And we get De Boswachters in on this at the end... Unbelievable... Un-be-frickin-lievable...

But the question is, do they have radishes at the bakery?

I really liked this one. Part of me wonders if you had this sketch but added in Graham's character because you didn't like it, or if you built the sketch around the idea for Graham's character.

The stinger made me laugh so hard, mostly because I started thinking of that song as soon as Gorilla James said "Gimme all your bananas."

"I'm charging you under Section 21 of the Strange Sketch Act"

I know i wasn't the only one who thought of that while watching this. I mean come on, you even had a british policeman come into the sketch all of a sudden. That would have been another offense right there if you'd decided to end it. And i'm not even sure that pun at the end counts as a proper punchline.

So and so of the yard might want a word with you guys now :P

That seemed rather Pythonesc. Not that I'm complaining.

But James is always the cop! The crazy meta stuff i am fine with but James is alway the damn -- oh wait... Heh I see what you did there.

Loved it, best one for a long while!


What did I just see?

this is certainly the most random LRR sketch in recent memory

Yep. This was a good one.

Wait, wait wait...

LaodingReadyRun, So You ave all those pimp-out hats, and You do not have your own gorilla mask?

They do now. I was visiting Canada in September and took gifts over some have shown up in videos. Mario, Luigi and Link hat seen in Feed Dump. The Skull that was in the Halloween episode (and seen prominently at Desert Bus). They said they needed a gorilla mask for this video and if I had sene at Murray's Trick and Joke Shop (Plug Plug). I went back the next day, I saw one, bought it and left it on the roof of the moonbase for them to pick up later and keep. Money well spent.

Pass me a slice of Meta-bread.

and the price on banana-bread just went straight up ^^ ^^

because it is getting rare..

When I say "What the hell was this?!", I mean it as a compliment.

No offense to the rest of the LRR cast, but it's good to see Andy in these more. He actually knows how to act and deliver lines without it seeming forced. Usually I can overlook the average acting in these sketches because they are funny anyway, but I really feel Andy elevates most anything he's in.


Halfway to Banana Bread is my Gorillaz cover band

Andy rules!

I enjoyed it, a nice bit of random into the mix that I was not expecting. I also had a flashback of python.

"I don't like this sketch"
Now I really want to use that phrase in real life.

+1 guys, excellent sketch!

GOOD GOD! that english accent it BRILLIANT!

A very Monty Python-esque sketch. I love it.

At some point I expected someone to show up in a General outfit and say "RIGHT! STOP THIS. IT'S GOTTEN QUITE SILLY."

Also, why wasn't James the cop? He's always the cop!

I feel like they are trying to tell us something... I feel like this sketch might be self referential....

I was fairly certain that a pass at Flying Circus was approaching when the constable entered, though if I am not mistaken, they do not carry guns...

The only thing that I have to complain about was that the bobby had a gun.

Americanized British cop ofcourse he has a gun dazz...

also what's wrong with this sketch is that it's a sketch about how not to do a sketch it's so obvious... points for the monkey though

Brilliance, sheer brilliance. You had me smirking all the way through!

I'm halfway to Banana Bread, And Loving it~ Hehehe This sketch... All it needed was a little bit of Matt.

It's LRR:Canadian Python, I love it!

I bow to your homage fine comedy folk.

What's wrong with this sketch?
I'll tell you what's wrong with it, it's dead that's what's wrong with it.

What's the matter, it run out of juice?

This episode was crazy. It was insane. It was bonkers. It was... okay.

Okay, so I was completely caught off guard about Graham's complaint. "I don't like this sketch." Way to break the Fourth Wall brilliantly. I keep wondering where you guys keep getting your inspiration.

I always enjoy these Loading Ready Run skits. Keep up the great work, guys.
Geez, I think this is like the 4th time I've posted that in about as many weeks. But really, it is true. Always brings a smile to my face on Monday. Which is saying something.

The only humorous thing about this sketch was Andy acting british. Everything else was meh.

Flying Fox of the Yard?

P.S. AAAAffricaaaaa!

That was pretty brilliant. I've always loved meta-humor and that was well-executed.


What's wrong with this sketch?
I'll tell you what's wrong with it, it's dead that's what's wrong with it.

What's the matter, it run out of juice?

It's eaten too much fresh fruit, it has. Right, continuing from last week where I was teaching you how to defend yourself if someone comes at you, armed with a piece of fresh fruit.

I lol'd so hard when he said ffs XD

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