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It's like Checkpoint, but without any real news, unfunny jokes, and the camera zoomed in way to far.

Strangely that was one of the things I thought too. Move the camera back about ooh...a foot or two. If you're like me and watching in high quality it starts getting into that uncanny valley of closeness, where the face is taking up a majority of your screen but your not actually talking to them.

I like it personally. I got a kick out of the skateboarding crocodile.

I mean I didn't piss myself like I do...well I don't really find any of the shows on here to be all that funny, but I do find them entertaining. I still think the little unspoken jokes on Zero Punctuation are the funniest things on this site, but I think this show could find its niche here.

At least this wasn't as negatively received as Jimquisition was. My god everyone hated that show when it first got to The Escapist and now it's a staple.

I'm always up for new content.

Now if we could just get rid of No Right Answer and Drinking Games. I don't think those shows have even made me smile before.

It sounds to me like she is trying to cover up a heavy Scottish accent.

Oh dear...

Maybe I have just been spoiled by all the other great, well written content on this site, but that was painfully unfunny.

If it was just news, that would be great. The Escapist doesn't really have a proper news show.

Still, Jim was one of the worst people on the site when he first got here, and now he is one of the best, so I won't say they should go just yet.

I still remember Game Dogs.... That had 2 seasons if I remember right... I pray that if this gets bad, it needs to be taken out asap.

OT:Not very funny, the girl looks alright, but overall I'll probably only watch because I'm bored at work. I'm also pissed it knocked LRR out of the 3 featured things and I had to look for it.

She was so cute and I loved her accent.

Oh, wait... It was about videogames.. Right.. <_< >_>

Well, I thought it was alright. I'll watch it again.

It's true that it's really hard to get a new series going on the Escapist.

I'll give it a chance. It needs to prove that it's different enough from ENN/Feed Dump before I care.

To credit it the Can-Can FPS did make me lol.
Everything else was -_-

Its like an unfunny british Lisa Boils mixed with ENN

I want five minutes of my life back. Unfortunately i cant think of a single memorable moment during what ever that was that i just watched. I refuse to condemn something on the basis of a single show so i guess i will watch few more before making my final judgment.

Oh i will say one thing it felt like they were trying to do too many different things and ended up not doing enough content on anything. Kind of like a preview for a next episode rather than an actual episode, if that makes any sense.

Reminds me of Web Soup in a way. I think its the girl (who I personally dont care for. She's irks me more than Lisa, and Lisa was... rather irksome at times).

Towards the show in general its jsut... ugh. Maybe its just the first episode, but if this is how the rest will be (meaning what seems to be basically be a poorly done best of the week for the European Market [and thus most likely behind the Japanese and North American markets]) then I am not impressed, and feel you could have better.

I honestly feel that with a fancy backdrop, a camera and Windows Movie Maker I could probably make something better than this. Seriously, step up your game.

...also was that girl reading from an autocue? I mean, it really did not sound like she knew the words coming out of her mouth at some points. Does she really have to be a slim, blonde haired, attractive girl? Do you really have to insult our intelligence?

All in all, I'll watch the next one to see if it improves in any way. Not going to hold my breath.

I feel sorry for any new videos on the escapist. Unless its up to the same standard as other shows, they'll never be appreciated.

Having said that I'm not a fan of this, the humour was a bit painful and getting a attractive girl to pose and talk about video games is always a bit patronising to the audience. It works for some other sites but not here.

I'll watch some more though. You never know, it might become great after a few episodes and it won't be the first time.

Mildly amusing at some parts.

Would be better if you stopped posing to the camera and started talking to it, naturally.

Also, tacky deep voice is tacky.

Sober Thal:
The announcer voice thing is annoying. Make it silly, make fun of it, or make it dead!
Cute girl, I giggled a few times, so far so good.

Sums up my feelings quite nicely. She just needs to set herself apart from many other cute girls talking about video games.

Skateboarding Crocodile was the high point, I really would like to see a little bit more news content. Sim's 3 was about as close as it got.
My expectation: Good game talk, maybe some gameplay that is fun to watch like RendeZook, and trailers with occasional silliness. But, I'm kind of put off from it. I'll try and make this a regular thing, giving it a chance, but you guys can be better.

while i wouldn't say that i liked it I will reserve my hate for later episodes, i spend way to much time not liking jimquisition(and really like it now)

The Escapist content seems to be getting more and more British over the years. Now we've got some Scots in addition to our resident critical Englishmen. Not that there's any problem with that.

I remember a girl in high school who looked like that. It turned out she wore her hair swooshed over because she kept contracting pinkeye.

I like it. Scottish is my favorite accent of all time.

Also, her accent pisses me off. I don't know why, it just does.

It didn't piss me off so much as confuse me. I mean, I know so little about tongues (That's European accents and not something sexual, sadly) but I couldn't tell if she was Oye-rish, British, American person imitating a British Oye-rish person, or even South African (...District 9 probably isn't a good example of that, but it's the closest example I've seen)

Also: The Alligator Costume scene only shows she's better balanced on a skateboard than I am.

I never watched LLR, ENN or any of those shows, so it means so little to me. (sigh), I guess it's Jim, Yahtzee, Bob, Erin and the forums keeping me company.

I like that the Escapist is getting new shows, but why not get the runners up from the film festival, there were some great ones.
It didn't really resonate with me, but I'll give it a few more chances, you never know if this was just a poor start.
To give some constructive criticism, in stead of just presenting recent events in the simplest and fastest way possible, why not make an effort to actually educate people?

Is this actually going to be daily? Have you guys heard of a thing called burnout? People are going to get tired of seeing this pop up in the queue every day, especially since it's now knocking off established shows from the featured tab. This sort of thing seems to lend itself to a weekly approach. I guess we can't say for certain until it's been on for at least a week, but I have a feeling that a lot of people would agree.

Also, if you do make this a weekly thing, put it on Thursday. Monday is too crowded.

It's like Lisa Foils took over ENN. I think it's gonna be a few episodes before this thing really finds it's place on the Escapist, much like Jimquisition.

Yeah, I still feel bad for totally bashing Jim when he arrived here, and decided to give new videos more of a chance. There is still lots of room for improvement, but I definitely wasn't bored, so this could turn out alright.

Ah, the escapist comments are level headed and accepting as always it seems.

Seriously I think the true test of any new escapist shows mettle is if it can put up with the websites overcritical userbase.

Zachary Amaranth:

It's like Checkpoint, but without any real news, unfunny jokes, and the camera zoomed in way to far.

Not to mention without "personality."

I'm pretty sure Graham and Kathleen could read the side of a cereal box and I'd find them more endearing and interesting.


This feels really slow paced compared with the other things on the site, but is otherwise pretty okay.

Can't quite work out where that accent is from though. Sometimes sounds Australian, sometimes sounds from Rural Britain.

Calumon: ...I DON'T WANNA BE GINXED! >.<

my thought is that if this show is meant to be daily? then why did this show have so many "..... of the week" sounds like a logical flaw here.

Best of the 3:
Heh, so much negativity to a new show. Give it a chance people.

And the last clip full of BF3 can can made me laugh :D

Normally, I'd agree with this sentiment.... However from what I could gather from watching, it is not a "new" show it's just new to The Escapist, as such I feel it fails to meet quality control standards for the site.

my thought is that if this show is meant to be daily? then why did this show have so many "..... of the week" sounds like a logical flaw here.

Backchat is a weekly slot, but Ginx will have different content posted daily.

Oh, and just to clear up confusion, I'm Northern Irish ^_^
Thanks for the feedback guys. Honestly, good or bad - it's helpful.

Also, don't hurt me. I come in peace.

Hah! Jokes on her, as a gay man I recieve a 90% resistance to womanly charms.

Cute girl uses Charm.
It's not very effective.

Cute girl uses Croc On a Skateboard.
It's super effective!

Honestly I kept skipping ahead trying to find out what the show was about, but I just never got there.

She spoke too quietly, and with too thick of an accent for me to understand. Frankly I just tuned right out, if I am going to be forced to listen to a speech at least have the decency to add jokes or pictures or an enthusiastic voice. I've seen kids give better speeches, and they didn't get paid to do them.



Okay, as a show which apparently plays on other sites I'm going to hazard a guess that this is less expensive than the exclusive content the Escapist has largely relied on up until now.

I sure hope so, anyway.

Look, guys, the host is very pretty, and she has a lovely lilting accent, but I've rarely been so hard-pressed not to click the little 'x' at the corner of a video screen through sheer determination to give something a fair shake.

The bottom line is that I didn't laugh once. Not a chuckle, not a giggle, not even a quirk of a half-smile.

Perhaps I'm easily alienated when a show assumes from the get-go that I'm along for the ride, and this show demands that you be cheering for them to make you laugh rather than expecting them to earn their keep. But some of the same might be said of Jimquisition or Lisa Foiles' late lamented Top 5, and they grew on me.

I don't see this growing on me. Maybe it's the sense that rather than sussing out its audience it's coming into things with a format already in place, and this is what the show evolved into over however many episodes prior, a notion which makes me shake my head in bemusement.

Interruptions from echo-y voices are the kind of thing better left in 80s video countdowns, and between the punch sound effects and the slide whistle (oh dear sweet Jesus, the slide whistle?!) I was about prepared to take a brickbat to whoever's on the sound effects board.

I'll give it another half an episode, methinks, but I'm not going to hesitate to close it if it can't do better than this. Life's too damn short for failed comedy.

99% sure her accent is Northern Irish.

And when she says "Until next Monday" it's clear this isn't a daily, but another weekly...unless they haven't told her.

Anyway, the show itself is a bit...meh. I'll give it a chance, but at the minute it seems more of a time-waster than anything: "I've got five minutes before -insert activity here- and I've watched all the excellent Escapist shows, I guess I'll watch GinxTV."

It's a watch, but not a must-watch like ZP or Unskippable.

Ehhhhh wasn't great but I'm willing to give it a couple of weeks before writing it off. I liked the Resident Evil joke though.

Where exactly are you from, anyway?

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