Trailers: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - Cinematic Trailer

Me Grimlock not want comparison to Gears of War. Me Grimlock say have more personality.

Personally, I thought that was an awesome trailer! And I loved War for Cybertron so I can't wait for this one.

Me Grimlock not want comparison to Gears of War. Me Grimlock say have more personality.

Me Grimlock win comparison by default because me Grimlock no take potshots from behind cover like frightened ninny.

Can't wait for this one. :)

Did anyone else notice the music first? I have never heard a song like that in a Transformers.... anything really. And it was awesome. If this means an even farther tonal shift from Bayformers then the last game, i want more!

This is the same damn trailer featured in THIS Escapist article...

...making this whole thing seem rather pointless.

I mean... when the viewers make repat topics, it's kinda understandable... but the content itself? Really?

This is what I said in the other thread. Same topic, same reply:


Caramel Frappe:

Yet, the ending made me feel like the war can't be taken so seriously. If he changed to something moderate or believable (yeah I know, it's a cartoon/fiction game but still) then it'd have more meaning in my eyes.

Don't worry... it still doesn't make any god damn sense. Grimlock that exists on Cybertron should be a Tank, and this BS with Shockwave is just dumb.


I mean in this game, that is the story behind Grimlock in this game :P

And when the hell did Grimlock ever command the Autobots? o.O

Only in the TV series was Grimlock portrayed as stupid. In the comics, he had a glitch in his speech... program... thing (I've forgotten what they called it exactly) that made him sound dumb. Grimlock took that glitch and made it an advantage, using it so people would think he was stupid, but he was really a tactical genius.

When Optimus died, the Autobots were seeking a new leader, Grimlock, at the time, was exiled, if I recall correctly, but when him and his Dinobots defeated Trypticon by themselves to save some humans, the Autobots were like "He's strong, defends the weak, and can get shit done! He should be leader!"

From what I understand, it was a fairly tyrannical rule. Grimlock hates weaklings, but hates those that pick on the weak even more.

Sgt. Sykes:

BTW what's that everyone has against Bayformer designs? I'm beginning to think I'm indeed the only one who likes those complicated tech designs.

Two problems with complicated tech designs. They are too busy, and thus ugly to look at, or unfocused, and they are unrealistic. When you are making a machine, you want as few moving parts as you can manage for one reason, and one reason alone. The more moving parts you have, the more parts you have, that can break. Simplicity is key.


I'm not a fan of the song they played... I get that it's a last stand and the like, but I'm not feeling it.

And what the hell is with these transformations? It's more like Beast Machines were they just get enveloped within themselves then come out changed. Where's the actual transformations?

I have a bad feeling about this game, what with the liberties they've taken on things like the Dinobots, the removal of co-op play, and the introduction of Halo health... but like I've said before... I'll probably still play it for Grimlock...

I hate myself...

Nostalgia overriding cynicism. Must. Squeeeee!

Helmeted Megatron, sucker punching robots, recognizing Grimlock before he transforms, emotive faces dispite being inanimate. I'm so happy right now!

Grimlock is awesome, but I think it is also important to point out: Jazz!


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