The Wii-vinci Code

The Wii-vinci Code

The spirit of light-hearted fun for which Japanese game maker Nintendo is famous seems to have infected its PR company (finally) as well. The company issued a press release yesterday announcing its product release dates for the remainder of 2006, but with a twist.

(Click the link above for the whole story.)

If only more press releases were this fun to read!

Lara Crigger:
If only more press releases were this fun to read!

My kingdom for a network that doesn't block most gaming related sites!!!

Seems Nintendo has made all sorts of changes as of late...

As far as the DS is concerned, I don't think there'll be any further lack of support for the system like there was initially. Square-Enix seems to be backing it in full force, Konami is supplying the Castlevania, etc... If there's one thing Nintendo seems to be able to keep a firm grasp on it's the handheld market... Nintendogs (Dalmation)...? I'll have to check that out.

The Wii on the other hand... Tough call. Cruising around the net (and having been a member of the FORMER >:O( Luminoth Temple), I've seen press from Nintendo, and several other big names in the industry, that claims this time around will be different.

I took notice of a couple quirky titles:

Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting
Cooking Mama: Cooking w/ International Friends


Need for Speed: Carbon(copy) Ba-dum ching! <:OD


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