GinxTV: Planet of the Apps - Top 5 Gaming Apps of 2011

Planet of the Apps - Top 5 Gaming Apps of 2011

Adam Savage counts down the best gaming apps from this past year.

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I guess we are not going be be friends then ginx.

I don't have any of those apps on my iPhone...
...I also don't have an iPhone.

This was a much better introduction to your series :D

Rex Dark:
I don't have any of those apps on my iPhone...
...I also don't have an iPhone.


Well, technically, I do have one, but its battery life is screwed up (damage?) and the power button is wedge in so it keeps restarting whenever it goes idle



Meanwhile, I in fact do have an iPhone which works quite well, and I have...none of those. I am also interested in...none of those. I'm a gamer, thank you very much.

(Okay, just to be honest, slight interest in Pirates. That's about it.)

That SuperBrothers game seemed interesting, but it's not available in the Android Marketplace. Then I went to look for Sid Meier's Pirates and that wasn't there either.

It's also a disappointing world when you call the Helicopter-clone "Jetpack Joyride" a game influenced by Canabalt.

Fun Fact: None of the games listed here are available in the Android Market. It'd be nice if GinxTV stopped pretending these were "mobile games" and just admitted they only care about Apple's stuff. Most people on this site are too technologically literate to own an apple device.

The games on a smartphone are a great way to pass the time and I'm not only talking about when you sit on the toilet. In my class, all the guys would always start playing a game during the brake.
When the Iphone had just been released but wasn't so common yet, we'd just do something stupid that would get us in trouble, like gluing the chairs on the wall. Last school year, we were all playing the hell out of Tinywings during brakes.

So by "smartphone" they mean iOS, because I don't think any of these are available elsewhere. Good show, Ginx. Good show. Now excuse me, you almost had my attention, but according to your own words, we can't be friends. And yes, I can be petty.

First thought: Well that had nothing to do with Mythbusters. How does one get away with being named Adam Savage?

Second thought: Wait, what was this show about?

So this is an add for 5 apps?

Why is this show on the escapist? There is no love put into this show. It's generic British filler TV.

They do look interesting. I would try Pirates! if I had an IPhone. I don't think I would like Tiny Wings, though.


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