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The French Revolution sounds perfect for France-based Ubisoft. By getting many more applications and much better accents than before, they could get quite a few great voice actors. Also, taking down lords and a king would be both a good story arc and a historically accurate (as far as games go) depiction. And above it all, technology could be much more advanced than before (500 years or so), making the series take a much-needed drastic leap in gameplay.

I hadn't thought of the 1920s, but that would be pretty awesome. But why not open it up to all of 1920s America? You can do Hollywood, gangland assassinations in Prohibition-era Chicago, and finally face down Edison in Menlo Park.

I know both The Saboteur and Velvet Assassin tried and failed at being the definitive WWII stealth game, but I'm so tired of WWII. I'd argue World War I was more of a historical shift than WWII, if only because there wouldn't have been a WWII without the Great War and the Treaty of Versailles. I'd like to see Desmond with a female, Mata Hari-esque ancestor in World War I.


If I was a pedantic tosser I'd mention that Les Misérables was written by Victor Hugo, not Alexandre Dumas. But I'm not, so I shan't.

I think he was saying Dumas was his favourite author, and that he also enjoyed Les Miserables, but I suppose thats what we get for using English, rather than any of the less ambiguous languages.

I assumed that as well, but neither of those really cover the French Revolution. The Count of Monte Cristo and Les Miserables take place after the French Revolution, while the Three Musketeer stories take place over a century before it. Scaramouche and the Scarlet Pimpernel (both by Rafael Sabatini) would be more appropriate inspirations.

But I'm still on board for a French Revolution AC game, with the Reign of Terror representing Assassin ideals going too far, maybe justifying the need for an "enlightened" Templar (ie, Napoleon) to restore order.

You are aware that Alexandre Dumas didn't only write those two books, yes? Several of them are in fact set in the Reign of Terror.

From the FB comments:

What they ought to do is use the modern section as the legitimately threatening counterpoint to the whole "ancient Batman" angle.

Say you play as Desmond. You have to go to specific locations to tap into Abstergo's Animus network; think the phones from the Matrix, but in reverse. So you sneak into some sixth floor abandoned warehouse and jack in.

While in there, you've got specific objectives to achieve. But there are Abstergo-trained assassin-agents alerted to your presence, and actively hunting you amongst the simulation. Get caught by them, and they can trace your location in the real world. Then they converge on your location with SWAT teams, and you're ducking black helicopters in the streets of [Modern City].

Imagine you're trying to find the historical site where some Templar mcguffin was interred. So you find an abandoned warehouse with good wifi, and jack into the French Revolution. You proceed about the mission inside -- but oh! Shit! You get nailed by an Abstergo agent. You escape him, but now they've traced you. In the real world, in real time, they're converging on your position. Do you jack out and run? But you put so much effort into getting this far! Do you stay in just a few minutes longer, and try to achieve your objective? Knowing that with every passing second you're worsening your odds of escape?

You jack out of the Animus with moments to spare. You hear combat boots coming up the interior stairwell. You sprint for the roof.

"Notoriety," in this modern setting, takes place primarily in the context of what the Bourne movies call "The Grid" -- the fine mesh of security cameras, police scanners, etc, all connected wirelessly, within range of a single text. No notoriety? You're off the grid. The Templars know you're in the city, and they're looking for you, but that's about it. A little bit? The Templars caught wind of you when you used your credit card to buy medical gauze for the bullet wound from your last encounter. So they know you're uptown at the moment. They've got the police keeping an eye out. Lots of notoriety? The Templars know you're in The Village. They've got tripled patrols all around it. Snipers on the rooftops. Police have been told you're behind a recent murder and are armed and dangerous, shoot on sight. Full notoriety? They know where you are, and they're coming for you.

Link cities via airports and docks, and make notoriety permanent. The only way to lower notoriety is to go to a different city until the heat cools. The game has you flying back and forth between a few major hubs (New York, Paris, Tokyo, etc) desperately avoiding the Templars while parasitically ad-hoc-ing your way into the Animus network to uncover clues / progress the plot.

If you really wanted to get awesome with it, you could have the stuff you're learning in the Animus, you're ACTIVELY LEARNING for use by Desmond, in the present. Guards keep ambushing you in stairwells? Hop into Dad during the cold war, and do a hunt-or-be-hunted mission in Moscow. Now you've got the ability to spot pursuers in the crowd with eagle vision. And so forth.

9/12 = 3/4 = 0.75

Anyway, I do think that Future Desmond will need fire weapons training. All of the proposed scenarios sound very cool and make sense in a continuing story telling. But in an immersive, interactive, playable story we will need to give Desmond a context in which he can learn how to use a fire arm. As cool as I like the French Rev, a musket will not do; WW2 is too recent and we have lots of "Call of Battlefield Sniper Duty" games; so I would think WW1 is the better option and it would teach some recent history to those unteachables around the world.

When I read the words miniature guillotine I immediately thought of Mel Brooks saying, "Nip the tip!"

As far as new settings for an Assassin's Creed game, I think a pretty obvious choice is the destruction of the library of Alexandria. If wikipedia is to be believed (granted that is suspect at best) Ubisoft can pick anywhere from 50 BC to about 700 AD for a plausible story on how that place got destroyed. The library itself contains all sorts of manuscripts, nifty items, etc. and could without stretching the imagination too much involve some nifty assassin gear that would be lost for a few centuries. Also, the general intrigue and at least one of the stories involves Romans who, while not exactly Italians, at least come from the right peninsula.

Otherwise I want assassins in space. There's just not enough single-player shit set in space involving anybody other than huge marines.

Darth Rahu:
Maybe an Assassin's Creed set during the American Industrial Revolution. The technological arms race there is full of interesting ideas, but that's just me.

A possible expansion of that could be to set it during the Amercian Civil War and (somehow) tie it in with Lincoln's assasination

Perhaps you could also throw in the theory that the Templars/Freemasons hid the Ark of the Covenant in America

I don't think the climbing will be a problem, something similar to Mirrors Edge would work. Traffic also shouldn't be a big problem, they can set this Abstergo HQ in a smaller town so the motor traffic is limited, and you can run around the town without needing cars. The problem is the hidden blade combat, if this game is set in a modern setting, then guns would have to be the logical choice, which loses some of the game's charm.

Guns aren't all that discrete, even with silencers they make noise and you have to hold them out or shoot a hole in your shirt. If the hidden blade could be super-miniaturized into looking like a watch or something it could still be a very effective stealth weapon and one that, unlike guns, could make it through a security checkpoint. Desmond could then have a silenced handgun as a backup in the same vein as the crossbow.

I think that Revolutionary France (and maybe Tsarist Russia, too; let's give that time and place some love) would be awesome. But then there's the downside: Hiring competent voice actors. Finding VA artists who can speak English with a proper locational accent has not been the gaming industry's greatest strong point. And subtitles would probably alienate (pun!) no small number of fans.

I really had no issues with AC: Brotherhood. It was a great game and it added a lot to the story. It didn't feel like a cash-in to me, because the story was still very personal and it involved characters we all know and love. But Revelations feels like it should have been a DLC pack. The whole city of Constantinople is unnecessary and the conflict between the Ottomans is too short and has no impact on Ezio's life or the overall story. New Characters are without personality because the story is too short for them to develop any. And why should I even care for them? Ezio's path was fun because it was a path of revenge. His motives in Revelations are too boring to base an entire game about it. The only thing that matters in Revelations are the Altair memory seal missions. And that could have been accomplished with a simple AC: Brotherhood DLC.

Anybody else here get revived by the idea of a futuristic spy/assassination game again? I mean I haven't enjoyed one of those since Perfect Dark. Lets give life to the throwback!


A couple of years back, there was a movie about Jack the Ripper named "From Hell". I didn't see it when a couple of my roommates rented it, but I did watch the special features which included a documentary with a historian talking about how the murders could have been some sort of government cover-up.

It actually physically hurts me that you refer to "From Hell" as a film. I suggest you track down a copy of the far far far far far superior graphic novel by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell.

I'm not a fan of the AssCreed games, but I like the idea of a game set post French Revolution during the Reign of Terror. With no Templars left in France the Assassins turn on themselves in a Civil War. Split the Assassins into factions and you have to eliminate the more radical Jacobin Assassins. You could play as the Angel of Assassination herself Charlotte Corday and stab Marat right in his bath.

Won't happen though.


I know both The Saboteur and Velvet Assassin tried and failed at being the definitive WWII stealth game, but I'm so tired of WWII. I'd argue World War I was more of a historical shift than WWII, if only because there wouldn't have been a WWII without the Great War and the Treaty of Versailles. I'd like to see Desmond with a female, Mata Hari-esque ancestor in World War I.

There could be aeroplane sections! A Cesare Borgia type character could be the Red Baron and you could have some kind of wing-based sword fight... After all, WWI weapons were loud bastards, so I'd assume the assassins would still be heavily favouring blades and the Red Baron could have... I dunno, Excalibur's a Piece of Eden, right?

Thought I had read something awhile back about how they had ideas for one of his ancestors to be a woman in WWII.


So if you thought the mental image Yahtzee came up with was bad. . . . .

I kind of like the idea of setting the game in the New World, perhaps working with the Aztecs against Cortes. You could potentially include some jungle combat which might translate well into the Assassin's Creed movement system. You're still dealing with guns, although it might not be at the point where they utterly dominate combat.

The problem is that you're either fighting a losing battle or you rewrite history by defeating the Spanish. But then its perfectly reasonable that the assassin might have his own agenda.

Perhaps an intersting take on the AC creed series could be a setting involving the hints toward the other pieces of Eden used by various World Leaders. Perhaps the Assassins were involved in the Assassination of JFK (yes sensitive material, but I think time + artistic license can overcome this with a well thought out plot arc), or perhaps the Assassin's attempting to re-aquire the Apple from Ghandi (another hint in the subtext of Subject 16's rambling clues).
I'd love to explore those eras hinted at during the S16 babblings and it would be in intersting turn to the series to set it in semi-contemporary events and also show how the Templars have consolidated their powerbase so well. I mean the current events can't be the first time the Assassin's have heart of the PoE nor (as has been alluded to) have they not yet tried on numerous occsasions attempted to recover them.
Plus it gives Desmond a little more time to develop a personality, which in my view his Tabula Rasa-esq boring persona is a perfect way to amalgamate the awesome personas of Ezio/Altair and perhaps another few of his ancestors into his psyche thereby creating a new more interesting Desmond.

My friends and I have tossed around ideas for potential settings for any new AC titles. I'll see if I can remember some:

New World 16th Century
This was mentioned by Ubisoft before, and slightly dips into with the one of the 50 storylines in Project Legacy. It would also be really neat for the protagonist to be, or meet Giovanni Borgia His character is slightly deus ex machina, but he's rather interesting.

The Industrial Revolution
Steam locomotives, bitter textile wars, urbanization, etc. There's a lot to play with here. Oh, and I think there was a war in there, or something.

Early 20th Century Russia
The Tunguska explosion, The Russian Revolution, Vladimir Lenin being the brother of an Assassin. But the most important thing here? Nokolai. Andreievich. Orelov.

World War I
Another one teased by Ubisoft. Let's just say Gavrilo Princip could have been a rookie member of the Assassins. The rest pretty much writes itself.

Gotham City
Desmond Miles recovers and discovers that the recently shanked Lucy Stillman turned into The Joker (not that she needed to change her physical appearance much) only to find out that his parents were shot by muggers long ago. Utilizing the training he received by living Ezio's entire life in a week-long Matrix style excursion, he dons his eagle-themed outfit and becomes the Eagleman, terror of the night. He also never emotes. Ever.

I'll admit, I pulled the last one out of my ass...

Mirror's Edge is a good starting place for gameplay, since it matches Assassin's Creed's parkour and melee combat, and Abstergo's white-box aesthetic. However, ME doesn't lend itself to the sandbox very well, since there's only so many ways to create convenient paths between buildings before I lose my suspension of disbelief. At some point, your assassin will either have to jump the width of a 4-lane road or splatter messily on the pavement.

So how do we let our assassin get around a modern boxy city without all those conveniently climbable ledges and ziplines around? The same way every AC game handles anything - new gadgets! A Batman-style grappling hook is the obvious choice, but that would be a bit too easy. A better option might be some sort of glider or wingsuit - it would let Desmond cross large roads or other gaps without falling, but he'd still have to climb normally to gain height, it could believably be concealed in his outfit, and it fits nicely with the eagle motif that all the assassins have.

I can think of a few other non-grappling-hook gadgets. For example, a pair of gecko gloves so he can climb anywhere, or augmented legs (Deus Ex had some really cool roof-hopping sections in Hong Kong) or maybe just something simple like rollerblades for getting around at ground level. As for the classic hay-bales, they exist mainly to get you down from a viewpoint quickly, so how about fast-roping?

The other side of Assassin's Creed is "social stealth", and that's also a lot trickier during the War on Terror, full of metal detectors and keycards and security cameras. On the plus side, it's easier to find a crowd to get lost in. On the minus side, anything important will be locked down tightly, and new gadgets won't cut it here. Perhaps you'll need more of a social engineering approach, recruiting people on the inside who can let you in.

The last part of the problem is guns, but I'm not too concerned about that. The Assassins usually get to close range by sneaking in or blending with the crowd, so nobody knows they're there until they say hello with an extendo-blade between the ribs, then just run like hell. The earlier AC games had bows and guns but that didn't break the game, since you could take them out with throwing knives, stealth, or your own gun, and Ezio could take quite a few bullets without slowing down, thanks to his armor. So give Desmond a belt of knives and a Kevlar hoodie and I doubt anyone will complain.

As for why they would use the hidden blade instead of a sniper rifle a mile away? Perhaps, since the whole "villain's dying speech" is a staple of the series, they need to get information out of the target before they die? I'm sure we can handwave something.

I totally forgot about Safety Last!, I love that movie. You know Harold Lloyd did the climbing in that film after losing his right thumb and index finger.
What's that you say? Add something constructive to this discussion? Not a chance. god it all makes sense now!

I'm hoping for 1900s China, in which you play as an apprentice of Wong Fei Hung that fought against basically everyone that wanted a piece of China.

Well, that does explain Embers having the possibility of having an Asian protagonist. I actually like this idea a lot.

Your character won't have a sword or a spear, but instead an umbrella and staff.

i will wait and play the last game, until then i will accept this article as complete bullshit.(as it probably will be)

"miniature guillotine that pops out of his sleeve"

So, we'd get to play as this guy:



I kind of lost interest in Assassin's Creed after 2. I liked the setting, I like the characters, and game play. But the ending had me scratching my head. Not sure why they'd go in that direction. And the meta-plot looked like it had nothing to do with Assassins or Templars, and certainly presented a problem unsuited to the skills of the protagonist.

Basically, it was a problem that you couldn't stab in the back.

I get the impression that this procrastination on the part of the devs is because they can't work out how to end the story either. At least not without getting even more silly with logic.

Personally I would have preferred it if they stuck with Altair. Ezio was okay, but Altair was more interesting to me... and I would have liked to see the whole crusade era played out fully.

I think the ultimate version would be to have it set over the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783), The French Revolution (1789-1799) and the Napoleonic Wars (1803 to 1815).

That's AssCreed 3, 3.5 and 3.75 right there.

Okey, I'v never played Assassins Creed, so bear with me, but..Aren't Assassins suppose to be stealthy and generic-looking, as to not rouse suspicion? Because correct me if Iäm wrong, but not many through-out the games have ran around in Enzio's flashy monk-jedi-getup that completely covers the face and basically screams "I HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE!".
This has always bugged me.

Fuck Thomas Edison, just add Nicolas Tesla in a theater doing a science demonstration and a terrified HP.Lovecraft and i will sign in the next game

In my opinion, the Russian Revolution is by far the most potentially interesting and awesome setting. The period is simply fascinating and there's plenty of room to weave in some Assassins vs Templars story. And really, I think it'd be pretty cool to still have the hidden blade (because, really, that weapon could still be used for assassinations today) but also some more modern weapons to play around with.

The main problem I see is people keep suggesting 'obvious' settings. Nothing wrong with that but part of what I liked about AC2 was that it introduced me to aspects of the Renaissance I wasn't aware of. It's almost a shame the comic has done the Russian Revolution because I know bugger all about it.

They've certainly made it impossible to play a whole "Desmond" game. The major appeal to me is the historical settings. What's to differentiate it from Tomb Raider or Uncharted if we have a modern day treasure hunter?

Can't help but feel they attempted to abandon the memory of AC1 and just pretend AC2-Brotherhood-Revelations was it's own triology. As lots of people DIDN'T play AC1 they probably thought no one would care and they probably don't but having a game a year has made the franchise feel heavy and bloated to me. I would have preferred a different setting for each game, and have them two years apart.

I enjoyed AC2 and AC Brotherhood but waiting to play AC Revelations. It's like looking forward to xmas dinner but knowing you're going to feel bloated by the end of the meal. I'm not that hungry yet.

Raiyan 1.0:
David Duchovny is a bit of a father figure for quite a few of us, you know...

he is? he's never once sent me a christmas prezzy! (tight git!)

OT, Victorian England, that's my guess, not that I want it, Guy Richie has messed it up enough with the ghastly Sherlock Holmes films!

I like the idea of the French revolution setting (Assassin's Creed: Revolution?) for the reason Yahtzee gives. Make the first half of the game taking out the Templar aristocracy and church officials and the second half taking out your own people who have perverted the Creed. In essence it would mirror the events of Altair in Revelations while also riffing off the events that set Ezio on his path in the first place.

I would love to see a Rocambole or an Arsene Lupin gentleman assassin from mid 19th century France.

It would be even more of a pleasant surprise if a mixed dream sequence of Ezio and Altair calling future Desmond a tosser and convincing him to jump to said past to take steps to counter his future predicament would be directed into the game.

Hey guys, check it out, "Alexander Dumbass".

I'm gonna have to agree to disagree with you, Yahtzee:

I think Desmond's characterization has improved since ACII. He got a lot more snarky and humorous in Brotherhood and I haven't played Revelations yet, but from what I saw he's shown to have grown himself a pair of balls as well.

You just hate Americans.

Dear Yahtzee

Your reviews and opinions on games are quite entertaining and enlightening. To the extent where I have always agreed with your views but rarely consciously thought of them myself or if I do, unable to articulate them quite as effectively.

I should be sending this by email but I best not fill up your bin and hope you read this. Please review Mount&Blade: Warband and judge the indie developers innovation, creativity, weaknesses etc and start a one way discussion if possible. I love the game basically and I would love someone more experienced and clever to highlight some important mechanics and lessons ;)

Cheers, Chezzlor

Why not do descendents instead of ancestors? Then, we get to go a little science fiction with our assassination implements! Or, Norse gods?

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