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It's a bit obscure for a lot of people, but I'd love to see one set around any of the several major events in Byzantine history. The fall of Constantinople in 1453 has potential, of course, or the time around the battle of Manzikert, the empire's biggest defeat and coming right in the middle of piles and piles of court intrigue and murders left and right. Mucking about with Emperors in the richest city in the mediaeval Western world has a lot of potential.

Sadly the time period is so little known by non-historians that it'd risk being a huge bomb.

But we just had 3 games set not 50 years after 1453. Hell, we even had freaking Byzantines in Revelations. I say let this time period be, AC needs to move on.

The series died for me when they made assasin's creed brotherhood instead of assasins creed 3. Such a good hook and done so well in asscreed2, but they've totally lost me now with all this filler.

I like the idea of it being set in ancient Egypt and getting to see how the assassins and templars came to be. It would also make sense for the great temple to be underneath the pyramids. The problem I see with that though is it could end up looking like Constantinople. Wherever it is I hope they go right back to the first game again and build from that instead of adding to Revelations which has way to much useless filler stuff. I could see Desmond becoming slightly more interesting now his dad's in the picture but I doubt it.

If the previews for AC3 come out with Desmond not being the main protagonist then I simply won't be picking it up. They set up the series for Desmond to be the hero who saves the world, but if you only get to play as him for 15 minutes then it's just not worth it. I mean the whole point of going into the Animus in AC2 was to train Desmond in being a badass. I was so excited when I got to use him during the end of ACB even though it was short and then disappointed with Animus Island with the lack of action.

I understand why they wouldn't though... it would be kind of difficult to do guns with the current engine, and in either case they/nor I would want it to turn into Splinter Cell with parkour... though maybe I would... does sound kind of cool. If they used the story, it would be even harder to explain how no one uses guns... hmm, maybe the assassins find a kinetic shield tech ala Dune through one of the artifacts so guns are next to useless.

Just because I understand it though, doesn't mean I have to like it. Just like I don't like captchas.... santona never.

I'm just going to say, there are only so many different nationalities Desmond can have in his lineage. I personally don't see any African-American or Chinese in him.

I'd still love to see one set in feudal Japan. Lot of fun opportunities there. Though of course then we'd be subjected to a lot of awful Japanese accents.

If I had my hand into Ubisoft designs...Remember those memories of getting the keys in ACR, the stuff to get Altaïr's armor in AC2 or the keys to get the armor of brutus?? They were awesome. It would be great if AC3 had Desmond sections with that. They'd have to use the Animus to pin-point the location. (Any new era with an interesting background).

i think that on set in industrial revolution london would be just amazing and would fit with things like the legend of springheeled jack

I saw a Ctrl Alt Del comic showing a British soldier from the Revolutionary War being pounced on by a female assassin, I think that would be an awesome sequel.

I would really like to see a game set in 19th century London. Either in the first half, which is the closest that the U.K. has been to revolution in a very long time (The Cato street conspiracy, captain swing riots Peterloo massacre etc), Alternatively it could be set in the 1880s, maybe somehow involving Jack the Ripper?

This is what I was thinking as well. I watched Sweeny Todd not too long ago (yes, I know, shut it) and could just picture how well the grimy streets of Victorian London would work as a setting for the next game. Really, I cannot see it taking place anywhere that isn't a giant city in Europe. They have all those really close together buildings and stuff to grab. New York would be too smooth or something.

And yeah, they really don't have a choice but to go to another time period. I borrowed Brotherhood from a friend and shouted at my laptop when I found out that Revelations was going to be in the same universe again. The whole series has been an exercise in mediocrity since II. So enough Ubisoft. We like Ezio, but it is time to move on already. Fix your shit and fix it immediately.

I too have been wondering how the assassins work during Desmond's time ... hmm ... they always been ahead of their times in terms of their technology, so ... jetpacks maybe?

I'd just like to say that I reckon World War 1 would be a better period to frame an Assassins Creed game in than World War 2, primarily as WW2 has been overdone a great deal in games but also because society during WW1 was still very rigidly class based and better suited for an Assassins Creed game. The world still wasn't fully automated either, the hideously polluted streets of England would still be ideal for hectic chases and the chance for a snippet of lives at home whilst the war was being fought would be very interesting. In short the start of the 20th century is a period not yet explored to any great depth by games, and I think it could be make for an interesting one.

Australia in the 1850's might be an option, what with the convicts. Or Scotland, during the highland clearances.

Clearly to get to number 3, you have to play an ancient Greek ancestor and kill Zeno of Elea.

I'd actually like the Desmond centric game. It seems the only plausible way to finish the fucking series now, since he's cured from the bleeding effect it might not make any sense for him to go back into the animus. Plus it's not too late to give him a good character. Maybe if he's vengeful, like really pissed off, that's not very strong or good I know I'm just coming up with this on the spot, but yeah it seems the only way for it to make sense.

I think a transition to the future would be cool. Anno 2070 did it and it's awesome. And you only have to chose the right settings. The climbing can be done with "Gecko-Grip-Boots", the narrow slopes for people on foot but not in a vehicle are easily found in buildings and the hidden daggers can be some kind of vibro blades like the ones the protoss in starcraft have.
And you can't snipe someone from a kilometer distance, if he is inside a building.

And it turned out that AC3 will have a Native American assassin just before the start of the Revolutionary War.

This might just be awesome. Although we'll probably miss the free-running up the sides of buildings, instead hopping from tree to tree and hiding in bushes.

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