No Right Answer: Best Christmas Special Ever

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Best Christmas Special Ever

Happy Holidays from your old pals, Dan, Chris and Kyle. Chris caught a big of the holiday blues (and also a cold) so he sounds like an old, chain-smoking lady. Make fun of him while he defends your childhood with Charlie Brown Christmas versus all other Christmas specials ever!

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Kyle loses automatically cause he compared Chris to a Nazi.

I really hope that's an actually picture of Dan's rabbi uncle.
For me, the right answer is X-mas story, Futurama's first Christmas special.
It has an evil robot Santa who's trying to kill everybody, real emotion, great jokes and a nice song (though not great).
Also, I've never seen the Charlie Brown Christmas special. I don't even know if it airs here in Sweden.

The discussion begins and ends with National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Everything else is just second place.

I only sided with Kyle since I never watch Charlie Brown Christmas special (or maybe I forgot about it) but yet again I was really into that show as a kid.

Christmas Vacation is #1 hilarity, true meaning of Christmas, and a real Christmas problem. The perfect Christmas special, in my book.

A Christmas Story stomps Charlie Brown to death every time. I can't believe we're having this conversation.

Yes, it's another Christmas tradition... being sick. Blargh...

They had it there at the end. Die Hard is clearly the best Christmas movie.

I must be the only person who really hates the kids in the Charlie Brown Christmas special. They're all bratty jerks. I prefer The Year Without a Santa Claus and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, for what that's worth. Oh, and by the way, awesome seeing a Rush shirt. ^^ Totally not Christmas related, but I just wanted to say.

Kyle loses automatically cause he compared Chris to a Nazi.

Yup, automatically disqualified per Godwin's Law on top of being incorrect. 'Seenterklaus'? Sinterklaas? DUTCH, not German. German Catholics do recognize St. Nicolaus but it is not and has never been the same as Dutch Sinterklaas, which is where the Yanks got their Santa Claus from.

I am of the opinion Peanuts is extremely overrated but I must give this win to Chris. Unfortunately.

It has to be every other special. Variety is the spice of life, my friend. Just one special would get old. I hate Christmas music because I spent something like 3 months listening to it 8+ hours a day everyday at work. It was a radio station and all they played for the Holidays was Christmas music. Not even a variety. Just the same 6-7 songs. You'd hate Rudolph, too, if you heard his song seven times, or more, a day.

So, for the sake of variety, every other special wins. Also, I'm not the biggest Charlie Brown fan.

I gotta vote for my man charlie brown he is the epitome of my feelings on christmas and the whole season.

As much as I really like the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, it's not A Wonderful Life. Or Home Alone. Or The Santa Clause. Or A Muppet Christmas Carol. Or Batman Returns. Or Love Actually. Or The Nightmare Before Christmas. Or Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. Or Scrooged.

And it's certainly not frakking Die Hard.

So I say there's no reason for it to be exclusive to Charlie Brown.

The Santa Clause starring Tim Allen, the first one. The other two were stupid cash grabs, but the first is one of the best fun Christmas movies ever. In fact, it's so good that it spans a full year and celebrates Christmas twice! This movie also gets points for dysfuncional family, having the main kid's name be Charlie, and the most awesome set for the North Pole ever.

EDIT: Also, how the hell is A Charlie Brown Christmas better then How The Grinch Stole Christmas (both versions), A Christmas Carol (pick any version you like), and It's A Wonderful Life put together? All three practically define Christmas specials along with Charlie brown.

Die Hard is the best christmas movie ever!

It seems everyone is forgetting the number one Holiday Special of them all; The Star Wars Holidays Special.

I think the crass commercialism of this No Right Answer would have deeply upset Charlie Brown, which is perfectly in keeping with the message of that special, giving it the win.

Although, it's hardly fair. This was not a No Right Answer, this was a case of one clear winner with nothing to debate. Unless your opponent is stupid. I feel sorry for Kyle, I guess somebody had to take the wrong side.

It's impossible for one movie to be better than every other movie of the genre combined, Charlie Brown Christmas loses to every other Christmas movie, I'm sure there are individual movies I'd even consider better. That being said, Chris is such a ridiculous person that if he wasn't sick I wouldn't be surprised if he had somehow found a way to win this one.

I vote for Charlie Brown's Christmas. I can't think of any other Christmas special that deals with the subject of Christmas being devalued to a commercial event.

Charlie's a depressed kid who lost faith in Christmas. Not "Santa Claus", or "The spirit of Christmas", but Christmas altogether. The whole special is about how the holidays don't mean anything anymore, other the climax of the year and the season of spending.

That's what makes the special so great. It's about getting back to what's important about Christmas. There's just this charm about it.

Kevin Alone would be my choice, since it's the show they air every christmass here :)



Watching this made me realize I am quite the Scrooge. I don't like any Christmas movies (except, like, Die Hard, but that's a movie that occurs on Christmas more than a "Christmas movie").

Whenever I see How the Grinch Stole Christmas, I side with the Grinch (all the noise, noise, NOISE!) up until he gives all their junk back.

I think the winner should JUST be Die Hard.

Christmas special, eh?

I would agree with Die Hard, because now I have a gun, ho ho ho.

But seriously folks, the best Christmases comes from anime...


As much as I really like the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, it's not A Wonderful Life. Or Home Alone. Or The Santa Clause. Or A Muppet Christmas Carol. Or Batman Returns. Or Love Actually. Or The Nightmare Before Christmas. Or Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. Or Scrooged.

And it's certainly not frakking Die Hard.

So I say there's no reason for it to be exclusive to Charlie Brown.

Scrooged will always be second banana to the 1970 Scrooge with Albert Finney. And this is why:

And I think A Muppet Family Christmas deserves an honorable mention here too. Word to the wise: If you're in the states and see it on TV: RECORD IT. The dvd/vhs copies available in the US make some rather glaring cuts to the material (The special has rights for the songs for TV, but neglected to get some of them for VHS/DVD).

Godwin's Law was invoked.

All bets are off.

My personal Christmas special is Home Alone 1&2. Watched them all the time when I was a kid.

Charlie Brown Christmas is a great special yes.

However, This is also a Christmas special, and honestly arguing about Christmas specials is more fun than just watching them.

Therefore, the most metafictional answer is the one I choose.

That is to say that the No Right Answer Christmas special is the best Christmas special.

Doctor Who: The End of Time.

They were shown at Xmas so they count! They count right? At least I say they do!

My vote is for everything else.

I rise to your challenge and put forth that The Grinch (The Jim Carrey version) is the best Christmas Movie of all time.

*Insert pause to accept and receive the upsets and outcries.*

No I'm being serious here.
Now please, listen with your ear.
The cartoon is all and good.
But ends on a dull thud.
Jim Carrey is all that should really be said.
But one meal item, does not make you fed.
The story here is real and as close as your house.
Decorations surround every thing, including the mouse.
Boxes with strings, wrappings, and bows;
But where did Christmas from last year go?
Broken and unwanted it goes to the fill.
Away from your house to the other side of a hill.
The Grinch wallows in hate and waste.
And sets out on with much haste.
To set things straight once and for all.
All the while, having a ball.

Cindy Lou Who is the real hero here.
She too has doubts about Christmas this year.
Why is it about presents, and why not cheer?
She alone asked without fear.
If Christmas is so cheery,
then why wasn't the Grinch merry?

But The Grinch is not that funny?
Should it be coated in honey?
The true meaning of Christmas is there.
It's about love and peace and care.
Through it all it can't be denied.
The Grinch will win this fight.
Whether it be by sheer vote,
or because he toppled your boat.
He's mean and nasty and a brute.
All because he never got a flute.
He was different and a thing.
So gifts they would not bring.
Cruel and hurtful were his peers.
So sad and lonely were his tears.
But because of Cindy Lou Who acts,
she uncovered all of the facts.

I end my debate with this.
In the end its about bliss.
Not from cars, trucks, and trains.
Or a game of Zombies and Brains.
Out the door can go your trees and lights.
Forget about sleep and stay up all night.
You won't hear sleigh bells in the snow.
But the most meaningful item of all,
will be found in your doorway or hall.
Hanging from high up above, The Mistletoe.

Merry Christmas to All, now bring me my flask.
Don't forget, Jim Carrey was also; The Mask.

Doctor Who Christmas specials is Christmas for me. Also Community.

Double post of Christmas past

"Everything Else" includes the Community claymation Christmas special with Abed. So...Everything else is a clear winner.

It's a Wonderful Life + Miracle on 34th Street + Christmas Story + How the Grinch Stole Christmas > A Charlie Brown Christmas

Seriously, stack them all up against Charlie Brown and they win hands down.

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