Meatbag and Co: Meatbag and Co. Episode 1

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Okay, I'm tentatively curious here, if only for the KOTOR reference in the title.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it is, without a doubt, a face.

I'm curious to whether this will be a good series or not, I've seen many a thing with an amusing random-esque start that just turned to shit later.

My curiosity is piqued though, so I'm hoping for the best.

Loved it!

mmh...looks like they're going for a "red vs blue" -esque banter thing.

color me interested, but not yet enthusiastic.

A 4:00 video of which about 10% is title screen and credits? Maybe a little more could have gone into the actual content. I feel like me and 2 friends could have made this episode in about an hour.

Good stuff! I saw a Jessie Moore in the credits.. Is that the guy from

I can't wait to see more meatbag & co. The writing is excellent!

Swing and a miss.

That bored the piss out of me.

I could see what you were trying to do, it just wasn't very funny.

Right, so no punchlines, buildup leading nowhere, basically just pointless unfunny banter. Yeah, not coming back to this one...

sheesh, tough crowd.

Anyhow, I thought it was kinda funny, hope to see some more.

Already done better by Red Vs. Blue and anything by Kevin Smith. Sorry guys, not good...yet.

meh... hope it will get better...

This... is crap. No jokes, no overall punchline, just two guys talking about something random. If this continues, I certainly hope the creators actually put some time into the next episode. Otherwise, it looks like someone had an hour of free time, Fraps, and a bucket load of boredom.

I expect better out of the Escapist.

Yeah, that's not working. Just talking about something strange doesn't make it funny.

I hope there is NO episode 2!

Oh really? Because, you know, it's not like things can improve. That would be preposterous.

It was good, if only for the idea that minecraft could be treated like a real world :-) Also tree face

Only funny part was the part right before the credits, IMO. Everything before was boring and everything after killed the face part.

Way I see it, this has a fantastic foundation. A guy and his robot (who should be a bit less human) trying to find their way home in the world of Minecraft.

What you should do is make the comedy more situational/random. That entire conversation, though it has an entertaining preface, was just the same stuff repeated OVER and OVER and OVER. Repetition=/=funny.

This is one of the few shows I've seen you guys put out that I actually like the concept of. I really hope it improves.

Hmm... not terribly impressed. But it took Jim about 5 episodes to prove himself to me. So I'll happily give it a few more episodes.

First thought: Meatbag? WTF is this?
Second thought: A sudden Minecraft series? What is this, Machinima's website?
Third thought: OMG, Awkward Panda studios! I love those guys' work!
Fourth thought: Robot person turning a situation into a hypothetical question? Definitely their work!
Fifth thought: Twist ending? Most definitely their work! It is weird, though...

Not sure. Might be good. It kind of depends on where they take the series from here. I was more intrigued by the concept of "we're never going to get home", than the actualy discussion. I want to know more about these two and why they are never coming home and where they are coming from than I do about their pseudo-philosophical discussions. So if this series does not change one bit from this format (i.e. the two charachters running around discussing things in different locations) it'll be a miss for me personally, but I still do see some potential for growth (i.e. adding a red string about something on a grander scale of their journey while still doing their silly little talks to flesh out the episode).

Anyway, my two cents. Good luck with the show.

Just because you know how to make a video doesn't mean you should. Making an entire video about one joke that didn't even crack a smile to begin with just means it's time to pick it up. I'd call this show a one trick pony but I don't consider playing dead so well a trick, more it's just dying. If there's an episode 2, I won't be watching it.

not funny... not even before it took an arrow to the knee

Meatbag and Co. Episode 1

The weird world of Minecraft as seen through the eyes of a depressed human miner and his robot sidekick.

Watch Video

Don't you love how Team Hollywood talks about the Show about 20 Comments after everyone has started talking about it?

OT: I thought it was a little weird, but okay I guess. Nothing to write home about. Hopefully it'll get funnier as the show goes on. Still, I find it odd that a Machinima is a show on here.

I'm confused, because I might or might not have liked that.

1. Meatbag is a trademark of HK-47, he is going to come for you... from a galaxy far far away.

2. Why does this make me think they're trying too hard to be the Minecraft version of Red vs. Blue?

...please tell me the Escapist didn't select this just because it is based in Minecraft...

This might be quite good eventually, but random rambling pseudo-philosophical banter is so difficult to make not boring that I would suggest you guys invest in an actual plot. Honestly Minecraft has enough inherent humor that a story taken relatively seriously would still probably come across as funny--Shadow of Israphel is the obvious example.

I liked it, very Seinfeld-esque.
The music is also great.
But the robot just didn't feel like a robot to me. I guess no-one can really say how a robot is, just something that stood out to me.

I didn't like it myself, got the feeling it was the sort of content that would litter Machinima.
Would like it if the voice acting and script was better, but at that point I might as well say I would like it if it was better.

To me, it felt like it dragged on too long about just one thing. I was hoping for a little shoving or ditching action on the robot. Actually, the tree face I find is the most interesting thing in the video.

Wait, what are the names of those two guys?

That was pretty funny although I wanted them to get home and see if there was a cow or not. Perhaps there would be no cow and the robot would act kind of surprised but then claim he is not really surprised as he didn't know if there was a cow there or not.

OK: The problem with "random blathering" shows like this is that, for them to work, you pretty much NEED to have some kind of character development (unless they're more on the surreal side, but that's a whole other thing). They started off at a disadvantage, as Minecraft characters can't express any sort of emotion visually, so they have to rely entirely on voices and dialogue, and a small amount on the avatar designs. Unfortunately, this episode was pretty much a one-note joke with a surprise at the end. There was very little solid information I could gather from the characters; most of what I have in mind is speculation of my own, but without something solid I can't really get into the dialogue.

That said, the concept is certainly interesting and the creators definitely had an eye for interesting locations or visual setups. If these characters gain a well developed personality, even a fairly cookie-cutter one, this could go places.

As of now, I feel it's half there. Good luck!

awful. Just awful. Babbling about a dead cow? Really? And in minecraft? Really? In joke your friends that you know in real life don't make good skits outside said group of friends.

Interested to see where this is going, good luck with future episodes!

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