Meatbag and Co: Meatbag and Co. Episode 1

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Has a early RvB feel just two guys talking about random stuff.

I wish I could say I look forward to more, but this was just plain boring. <.<

Sorry but: Better luck next time.

This didn't even have any barebones semblance to humour, yet alone humour itself. I can see what they were aiming for, but I dare say even if they succeeded, they'd just be pissing into the ocean. Machinima like this is dime a dozen. It has done nothing yet to convince me it's funny or original. The concept itself is bland.

HOWEVER. This is only a pilot, and just because it fell at the first hurdle doesn't mean it can't pick itself up. I'm skeptical, though. It'll take an awful lot of tonal and conceptual shifts to get this anywhere near the acceptable quality for a website as popular as The Escapist.

Hahahaha..haha...ha. Senseless humur entertains me :) was NOT expecting a minecraft comedy when i clicked play. Now escapist, lets try and let them get more then one season out before you decide to cancel it ok? I know you looooove trying new things then going "nope-nope-nope, nevermind bad idea" Lets have patients with this one ok?

It's always hard to judge a series by the first episode.

While I think the episode was rough, and needs improvement, it still has alot of potential.

The premise is fine, although a little more setup could be provided. Just to let us know who these characters are.

Also the "does that tree have a face", while a strange line, random humor like that doesn't work well if it is overused, and, with all that setup, a proper punchline would have served better.

The video itself is well recorded, the voices are high quality, and the movement of the characters was nice and smooth.

Overall, an interesting video, some rough points, but I would like to see this continue and improve.

Will watch next episode.

a lot of harsh critics on the escapist, jeez.
I liked it, sure it wasnt mindblowingly hilarious but it was funny banter, I'll be keeping an eye on it!

went around in circles alot. Has potential. don't get discouraged by all the negative comments.

Colour me interested. It had me amused in places, but definately needed a couple jokes in their to pad out the long conversational joke that didnt deliver a punchline (Although I'm hoping episode 2 starts with them in his house, screaming about why there is a deadcow in his bed).

Not bad, got some laughs. Not entirely sure why its in minecraft though.

When it first started I thought "oh look there trying to be just quirky" but then it actually started being funny when it turned out if he'd actually killed a cow.

Good stuff! I saw a Jessie Moore in the credits.. Is that the guy from

It totally is! That guy is roboawesome! .com!

But srsly everyone should go check it out. It's pretty cool.

kinda felt like it had no punchline, no joke, just talking............. see if it get's better....

Alight, I'm confused... what is going on? Who are these people?

I won't say it was shit. I sense potential. I just wish there was something more we knew about who the hell those two were. It was the first episode, but felt like the 20th in a series I never knew about.

I would wait a few episodes before condemning this guys. I mean, sheesh, give it some time to develop.


Good stuff! I saw a Jessie Moore in the credits.. Is that the guy from

It totally is! That guy is roboawesome! .com!

But srsly everyone should go check it out. It's pretty cool.


Also, thought it was entertaining, will be watching next episode.

Anybody who's watched Aqua Teen Hunger Force has seen this done before..and better.

Didn't help that it started off with the title of Meatbag which reminded me of Meatwad to begin with, then kicked into a wuss version of Shake with the Robot.(Shake would have been more in your face.. "You have to admit it's a bit suspicious" "Your paranoid delusions are not my problem")

Then basically random standard minecraft visuals stuck under the dialog (until we hit tree face) drains away any sort of coherency that you could have had for the surreal humor. So what's left is more a jumbled mess than anything else.

Could have been jazzed up if you had this banal conversation going on while they travelled through awesome vistas -- crossing a bridge over a chasm during sunset, leaping from outcrop to outcrop sticking out of a lava lake, fighting off skeletons and zombies in a swamp, etc. Then the contrast between visuals and dialog would have given it some interest.

Pretty good. I'll wanna see the next episode.

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