GinxTV: Ginx Spin: Skyrim: Guide To Reality Checks

Ginx Spin: Skyrim: Guide To Reality Checks

Skyrim can confuse even the best of us. Please use this to help you separate your reality from Skyrim's.

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as mentioned by that guy in the Facebook can roll if you put a perk point on it in the sneak tree. And Greenland is the icy island, Iceland is actually pretty warm, or so I've heard.

Meh episode, imo, but getting better.

I did the roll check but after a few hours I found out im still playing skyrim.... is that the silent roll perk fault?

So... when shall there be some Ginx-iness on one of the Sky channels over here in the UK and Ireland again?

loved it this was great saving link to pass on to mates

Laughed my arse off. :D
Good job people !

You can roll if you jump whilst crouching and hold the sprint key at the same time. I spend so much time on Skyrim it basically is my real life now. :<

Checking over your shoulder for frostbite spiders in the street ftw!

Enjoyed this one, kinda seems like it would of been awesome just as skyrim was released tho, seemed like a sort or spoof trailer.

Way2Fail... you can roll in Skyrim :)

I checked and unfortunately I'm not in Skyrim :(

Have someone shoot an arrow in your knee. If it hurts like hell, you're in reality. If you just give up your current profession, you're in Skyrim.

Even fear and suspicion at a weapon isn't a good enough indicator.

"A guard might get nervous... a man approaching with his weapon drawn."


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