Critical Miss

Oh wow, NICE. :)

Oh my god that looks great. I would love to have that as a poster

Erin's head does seem to quite porous, even for a cartoon character.

Well if you ever get around to releasing the dead tree version of CM, you already have the cover. This is beautiful.

Guys I need some help, was It a picture of erin going all explodey and wierd or is it a side effect of my.


Oh god where my mind went....with the wires and everything....

This looks awesome! Why do I feel like I've seen this someplace before?

The sane is breahosdf83efewhf3h4%%&*8

Guys I need some help, was It a picture of erin going all explodey and wierd or is it a side effect of my.


No, you're fine. The Miss went critical and everyone ran for cover moments before this picture was taken.

Wow, really cool!
The only thing that stood out to me was the dress. It doesn't really seem like something Erin would wear (while her head cracking and stuff flying out seems perfectly normal for some reason :S).


Oh, wait.


Oh, wait.

lol my mind was more with a mix of saikano and serial experiment lain

I remember the reference work with the caption "My mind is so full of f*ck!" This right here proves its awesomeness and hilarity without caption.

I would love a poster of this hanging in my room though, don't know why you guys didn't like it enough.

So this is what Erin sees when she's high...

Just for the unprepared, Shintaro Kago does some pretty gruesome horror mangas. Not for the faint of heart.

Aah, the "My mind is full of f**k" guy. His stuffs crazy good.

reminded of this amiga format cover.

feel old :(

That's a strange bra she's got on for the underwire to poke out like that. Unless she's hiding a memory card in there.

Possibly the best image of a migraine I've seen recently though.

Did you guys do a poster run of the other time Erin's head was exploding? Because that would make a cool poster. Otherwise, yeah, pretty cool. Captured the inspirational theme well enough, I think.

Damn that's good.

I say, someone has been watching Ghost in the Shell recently...

Well, the page certainly looks....interesting. 0,0

So the cracked head, binding wires and weird pipe things going into her back...does it mean that Erin having hallucinations of videogame characters is going to become a permanent thing...? (just seemed a little bit off the rails once she saw some, personally i thought it was an E3 or LoZ OoT 3DS thing and would've ended once those things passed)

And that bodysuit (:D!) is a bodysuit, right? the bottom bit looks loose and might be a dress...or maybe the suit looks laminated on like how the pilots in G Gundam gets their controlling suits on, wondering if that was intended as a sly nod or something. 0,0

am i the only one who noticed the bioshock tattoo on her wrist? such a dork

Oh god where my mind went....with the wires and everything....

You and me both. *blush*

OT: I want prints of this. Multiple. WITH AUTOGRAPHS! Please?

Erin.exe has encountered a problem and has stop responding

I just thank god they didn't use Abstraction as their inspiration.

I love these comics. I just got in it last week and they're basically the reason why I didn't get anything done (other than the whole holiday thing). I'm all caught up now.

This is my wallpaper for the next 8 weeks. <3

Maybe it's my nerd-side, or my love of Video games, but that is in all likelihood the sexiest drawing of a girl I've ever seen.

I think... I think I'm in love <3


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