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This was pretty good, even though I don't care at all about Pokemon. Also, I really like the strip in general. Although, I can't overlook the typo: "...footage of the of hundreds of animals...". I freely admit being a grammar Nazi. That is all.

The last panel was the best.

"I gotta be the very best, like no one every was!
To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause!"

I don't remember the rest of the lyrics...

Daystar Clarion:

It's two jokes in one!

I mean, Venusaur!

Great comic, as always.

I keep getting more reasons to watch this over and over. And I still love it.

OT: ...I think that's what Pokeballs are for.

this, but now I can't do anything else then wonder what did geodude eat?

I see someone was doing a nuzlocke run.

I'm laughing, and I hate myself for it.

Well played...well played indeed.

Tiger Sora:
............ Not only was he abusing Pokemon. But he found the fountain of youth and wouldn't tell anyone, what a jerk.

Can I adopt that Eevee. I'd treat it with love and care.

Apparently you can't age in Poke' World. The really sad thing is that he has them fight others of their own kind, then puts them in a very small ball for moving around, then stores them in their crates.

In the first panel: "We managed to capture footage of the of hundreds of animals kept inside."

I think you had an extra "of" there.

She forgot the A to animals as well, it was nimals.

Pokemon PETA is going to paint him as the devil. Way to get caught Ash.

I find myself saddened at the picture of a crying Squirtle ; ;

I want to know more about Geodude eating.

Look at Charmanders tail.

It's smoldering. It was put out with water.

He didn't succumb to starvation. No.. Squirtle killed him so he could eat.

Damn comic. You dark.

Key point on the whole shared culture thing: quite a lot of people, myself included, have never played a Pokémon game or watched any of the TV shows or films. It appears to be one of those things you're either in or out of (bear in mind particularly, that they've been loyal to Nintendo throughout) and can miss.

But the punchline here is straight out of an advertising campaign which no-one could ever avoid.

Well played.

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