The Professor Oak Personality Index

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Someone found the tvtropes page on "elemental personalities" =P

As a psychology major, I am deeply upset by this article.


Andy Hughes:
The Professor Oak Personality Index

The path to enlightenment begins with Pokemon.

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Cute concept, and a nice change of pace. Not everything has to be hard-hitting game journalism or deep explorations of the social impact of gaming. And wow... Pokemon really has kind of drifted out of the social consciousness for awhile, hasn't it?

Maybe we could also arrange these into a sort of horoscope. It has that ring to it...

(3rd paragraph: "principles")

Pokemon horoscopes would be fantastic. This should happen.

Please, please make a quiz with badges out of this! You just know everybody wants that, it's true.


I wasn't seeing anything that really matched me until I ran into Steel. To factor in the fact that I'm probably looking at myself too kindly, I'll throw in Ice. Is there an Ice/Steel Pokemon? I haven't played since Emerald.

Probobly Water/Steel, oh wait, that's also my favorite pokemon's type....oh wait! Awesome!

They are usually creative and down to earth

If you ever met a creative person who was also down to earth... well, congratulations on meeting Steve Jobs, but please don't base your personality index on him.

It's still better than Myers-Briggs, probably.

So Steel and Water?
Hell yes! All hail the Emperor!

Ha, "comfortable with science" is actually in my Facebook bio, so I guess Im rock type :)


Please, please make a quiz with badges out of this! You just know everybody wants that, it's true.

Seconded. ^^

Very funny article, always love reading stuff like this, plus Pokemon is awesome so win/win.

Also, I'm apparently an water/electric type, either a Chinchou or a Rotum. (With some Steel on the side. Oh what the heck, just make me an Empoleon!) :P

Thirded..ed....ed. Hmm. Also, release that iPhone app and then port it to android!!!

As for me, probably a rock type. That's definately my primary. If I'm anything else I'd say it would be steel. And if not that then water. So my most likely match is...

Shieldon, Bastiodon, Probopass??? Fuck you gen 4/5!!!!

Umm... nice.

Unless I'm a horrible judge of character then I'm matched up with flying/steel.
I guess that makes me a Skarmory.

Then again, considering the nature of this website, as well as the nature of this index, I think lots of skarmories are reading this.

I got Water and Rock so....
one of my favorite Pokemon!

Normal, I guess? Neither Ice nor Rock really seem right.

Ice's sense of superiority doesn't really work, and Rock's "unwavering faith" certainly doesn't apply to me. Ambiguity is kind of important to me.

So yeah, Normal. I'm grand with that.


Andy Hughes:
Ghost types are dead.

I don't know why, but that line really killed me... no pun intended.

Seriously, I was laughing for a good fifteen seconds.

Not fifteen seconds, but I did laugh at this one as well.

I'm a Steel/Dragon! So, I'm Kyurem? Crap, that means I'm Pokemon 9/11...

Steel/Ground type so im steelix!

Well, I guess that makes me Excadrill then.

Freaky Lou:
I wasn't seeing anything that really matched me until I ran into Steel. To factor in the fact that I'm probably looking at myself too kindly, I'll throw in Ice. Is there an Ice/Steel Pokemon? I haven't played since Emerald.

Not yet, but it shouldn't be too much longer.

I personally think that some (if not most) of the descriptions of the types are kinda off. But I guess that it's okay since it's one of those humour articles. But I still feel the need to state my opinions on this.

Dark types would fit better as the quiet loner; has emotions (probably very strong ones) but doesn't wan't to show them to just anyone, focused in ways others are not, sometimes puts on a serious mask around new people (or people they know that embarass them). Ultimately they are loyal comapnions but only get close to a few people, and probably spend a lot of time thinking instead of talking (making them ideal introverts). They have a great sense of pride, one of a couple traits shared with fire types. One thing I can say is if you can get them to want to do something, you will never find one more determined, save for Fire types. The best example I can give is some of those Final Fantasy Heroes; Leon Squall, Cloud Strife, Lightning Farron, Cecil and/or Kain.

Fire Types aren't so much as directionless, arrogant or rebellious. They are just the raw manifestation of determination. Highly emotional and open, it's like what happens when a Dark type becomes extroverted. They follow their greatest goal with reckless abandon, along with any other goals they come across that seem worthy. The shear blaze of their determination means that it's near impossible to defeat them, as they'll just keep getting back up. They have a sense of pride that rivals most others. Best examples include a bunch of characters from the various digimon seasons (The ones with the fire wielding lizards), Naruto, And a whole bunch of others. Seriously, much like there's a fire type starter each generation, there's a fire type personality as the hero in almost every Anime.

Ice types; That's a hard one to explain. They carry themselves with utmost calm and grace, and often have an inteligent mind. However, it is very easy to miss them as they have less energy than many other types. They show fragments of emotion at a time, never being over-taken by them, so one may have to pay closer attention to emotional cues than most other types as the most they may give for happy is a slight smile and a tone of amusement in the voice. One can also expect ice types to take a lessurely pace, and you don't often see them stressing out. There don't tend to be many notable examples, and the two notable ones I know of are bad examples (as in 'taken up to eleven'); Edward and Bella off Twilight.

Those are the main ones I wanted to give my take on I may Give more if I feel compeled.

I think I fall into Water/Grass territory. I always liked Ludicolo...

I'm a rock type, most of the time, but when I'm drunk, I become an electric fire fighting dragon, which is... interesting. If anyone knows an electric fighting fire dragon let me know, cause I'm fairly sure they don't exist, but they sound incredibly awesome

Hmmm...I want to say I have features from several of those categories, but if I had to pin it down to two...

Rock/Water, though I could see substituting Water for a couple other possibilities - Steel...Ground...maybe Fire...

Probably gives me Kabutops as my best match.


So yeah, count me in as part of the club.


Please, please make a quiz with badges out of this! You just know everybody wants that, it's true.

Seconded. ^^

Thirded! ^^^

This article is both hilarious and genius.

Best article of the year thus far, by far.

I'm probably a fire rock type, which is most definately a bad thing in some ways, though i swint to a water grass type rather unpredictably sunno why I go from an egotistical psycho immovably solid asshole, to an unmotivated social cruiser randomly, maybe I'm some kind of crazy bastard. Probably, but anyway I'm an intelligent and crazy bastard who is also super sexy, and like awesome :P.

Water and electric! Yay! I'm a Chinchou! And I find this article to be worryingly accurate when I try to use it to categorize my friends.

Space Jawa:


Please, please make a quiz with badges out of this! You just know everybody wants that, it's true.

Seconded. ^^

Thirded! ^^^

Fourth'ded! ^^^^

I'm definitely a water/ground type. I've known a fair few poison types and I love fire types in-game and in real life. ;)

I feel I am a Water/Steel from this description.... so I am Empoleon? That kind of sucks, considering it starts as piplup... Well at least it kind of looks like a badass..

Joltik has been becoming wildly popular as an electric type.

and Im a water type. as i expected.

well i have a bit of a controdition as im a rock/ there a pokemon like that?


im a mudkip what the duece???

Poison sounds just like my ex... with a bit of ice or grass mixed in.

I'd say I'm flying/normal, ultimately I'm pretty normal, but I consider myself fun and like to travel and move around the place

Daget Sparrow:
I lived with a poison type for a while. EXACTLY how the article explains it.

The whole time I was reading that entry I was thinking "When the hell did the author meet my ex?"

It seems I'm Rock with a dash of Steel. So I am a Bastiodon. I can't be a Shieldon since I reached level 30 some years ago. I am okay with this.

Another water / rock type here... there seems to be a lot of us around, I'd choose either Kabutops or Relicanth personally.

Steel with a little bit of bug. I'm good with that.


First Steel/Bug type I found.

I'd say I'm a Normal type, seeing as with the majority of people I will lead a small insignificant life, and leave no impact on the world (~depressing~). But apparently by reading this I'm also steel... so, um, ok that's fun I guess.

Let me see what fits me here.

Water type... frequently the most called upon. Laid-back and sensible... amiable nature... creative and down to earth... popular... pushed aside by louder and flashier opposition... more sociable and goal-oriented... unique characteristics.

Electric type... enormous optimism and energy... very good-natured and can stomach the harshest criticisms and abuse... perky and good event organizers but also argumentative in a passive-aggressive way...

So, I'm a Water/Electric type as best I can figure. Can anyone list me some Water/Electric pokemon just for fun? I really don't know the series, haven't played since the original Blue version, and I can't stand the Anime or Movies so don't watch them.


Apparently these are my choices. A Pikman (rotom) or a Deep Sea Angler (lanturn).

EDIT: My bad. Apparently the electric/water form of rotom is...


... a washing machine.

Electric for me ^^ woop!

Oooh, and Water xD

probably Fire and rock or ground.

lol! what did i just read?

Hmm, looks like I'm Steel with a dash of Bug, no wonder I felt a close bond with my Scizor when I was a kid playing Pokemon Silver (The second "edition", not the rehash that came out pretty recently)

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