The Professor Oak Personality Index

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Water/Steel. So I'm... Empoleon?
Eh, I've been called worse than a metal penguin. I'll take it.

Only pokemon of that type pairing I know of is Celebi (and not in that order).

So I guess I'm a synthetic copy of Celebi made by Team Rocket in an effort to replicate Celebi's time travel ability in their failure to capture a real one. It obviously didn't work so I'm a little strange around the edges, of primary grass instead of psychic due to my neutral origin and lack of will, and notably non-legendary.

Whether or not I have Time Travel capability remains to be seen, I haven't figured out how to use them if I do though.

Hey, man made elements could even account for that bit of Steel type that got nudged out by the more predominant grass and psychic.

Edit: My bad there is Exeggcute and Exeggutor but damn them I'm going with plan A.
It is waaay cooler.
(And some people think the original 151 are universally better then the newer generations.)

Ghost types are dead.

That was absolutely brilliant!
Very well written article, nice to see a mix of pokémon and the real world with a good deal of humour.
I'm not sure where I fit on that scale. I have semblances of steel, bug, rock and ice. WTF kind of weird pokémon am I?? I guess the most fitting is steel/ice, but there aren't any of those :(

I'm pretty sure I'm a mix of water, ground and electric.

Also, the Poison type is EXACTLY the girl one of my best friends is currently in a relationship with. I don't know how to make him see that she's a frakking parasite without making him mad. Thoughts?

And what of dual-types? That seems like it'd be the most common...

I think I'd be water/normal, which pretty much boils down to a watered-down version of water's traits.

Everyone is claiming to be steel, no shinys :/

It seems I'm ground/steel.

Fitting for a geologist, I suppose.

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