GinxTV: FA Cup Playthrough, Part 1

FA Cup Playthrough, Part 1

This week it's the start of the Football Association Challenge Cup!

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no giant slaying 4-1 liverpool wins 3-2

Darn I was going to say Tottenham 4-1.

Oh well um, Liverpool 2-0 (and they'll be lucky to get that :D)
Tottenham 3-1

Uhmmmm, how about Liverpool 1-0, Tottenham 3-0

Tot 3-1 Chelt and Liv-2-0 Old

Must say. Having no interest in soccer at all... I still enjoy this several programs in. not exactly sure what you are doing right, but I like it.

So good!
This show deserves a lot more attention

Tottenham and Liverpool to win 2-0 and 2-1 respectively

Hi guys,

Unfortunately, this will be the last Premier League Playthrough on the Escapist.

But if you've enjoyed the show and want to watch more, then head over to our YouTube channel where you can catch them every Friday afternoon.

Here's the series link:

Thanks for watching guys!



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