The Big Picture: MovieBob's Most Anticipated Movies of 2012

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MovieBob's Most Anticipated Movies of 2012

You might be surprised what's not on there.

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Nice touch at the end, I'm in total agreement though. There has not been a single image, or single video that has got me in anyway excited for the dark knight.

Huh when I first saw the promos for Star Wreck (on this website no less) I actually thought it was an RTS.

Daniel Day Louis as Abraham Lincoln = WIN!

Avenger's Movie plot: Its a Skrull invasion

Dark Night Rises: BANE LOOKS BORING! i mean his one claim to fame is breaking the Bat over his knee and they didn't even bother to cast someone who looks like they could do it!

I don't see how The Avengers can ever be good. It has enormous pressure and is being directed by someone who has made one previous feature film.

It's too soon for the bin Laden Film. A documentary made for the Discovery Channel or the History Channel they can get away with. A live-action movie is insulting. It would be like if some film company from the Arabic world made a movie about the first guy who was ritually beheaded on camera and broadcast to the internet.

It's crass, low brow, and the worst kind of "Gotcha" film-making for mass consumption.

Huh when I first saw the promos for Star Wreck (on this website no less) I actually thought it was an RTS.

Daniel Day Louis as Abraham Lincoln + WIN!

Avenger's Movie plot: Its a Skrull invasion

Regarding the Avengers plot, I have to disagree with you on the alien race they're using. While it's true that the Skrull could be candidates for the secret big villain, I am hedging my bets more on the Kree, for 3 reasons: One: The Skrull shapeshift, making them more suited to a suspense piece like the Thing, while the Kree are pretty normal looking, maybe a bit like the Jotuns in terms of effects, but nothing major, and they don't shapeshift. Therefore, for their first outing, I doubt they'll go for suspense, they're going more for major action, therefore Kree.
Reason 2: Captain Mar-Vell
Reason 3: Ms. Marvel.

Wow, I totally forgot about The Dark Knight Rises until you reminded me.

Prometheus is definitely my most anticipated this year, followed by Django Unchained (because it's Quintin Tarintino). I'm moderately excited for The Dark Knight Rises if only because I thoroughly enjoyed the last two and this trilogy desperately needs closure.

the freaking hobbit. I literally can't wait.

It had better be as awesome as it should be :)

I almost 100% agree with you on this Bob.

Though, The Grey in a few weeks is making me pretty excited too. Liam Neeson fistfighting wolves. Yesssssss.

most of those movies i haven't even heard of... and now i want to see them... except prometheus. never liked the alien movies, not really interested in prequel no matter how tangential, and i'm just not feeling it.

Lincoln movie looks food though... and it's f-n speilberg.

EDIT; One minor thing, i've never actually read the hobbit. but by god i've tried. and the trouble with a movie is it's going to be long and the fellowship of the ring got alot of flak for being three hours of people traveling, and this is going be that in triplicate... i want it to be good, and it probably will be but it may not gel with the broad audience it's going to need to in order to justify it's budget.

I'm looking forward to a lot of these too.

Space Nazi's on the Moon, you say? I'll bring the popcorn if you buy the sodas?

I completely forgot about the Dark Knight Rises until that record skippy wippy sound played. This year will be all about the nerds, Epic fantasy and Superheroes. Cant wait.

I liked this video, as it informed me of quite a few films I haven't heard about yet, and all of them sound pretty damn good.
Dark Knight Rises has instilled the same feeling in me, really, as the film looks pretty good, but if you're going to dare do a sequel to something as awesome as The Dark Knight, you're going to have to do more than pretty good.

The next Silent Hill movie is also supposed to be released this year. For some reason I actually find myself interested in it. Not that it would be a faithful adaptation of SH3, or anything, just that I'd love to see if there is any hope for the series on the big screen.

Yeah, let's be honest. We've all already seen the best Christopher Nolan Batman movie there will ever be. This one could prove interesting and fun, but it will never ever be able to recreate the confusion of Heath Ledger's casting, the tragedy of his death, and the revelation that was his performance. The Dark Knight wasn't just a movie. It was a phenomenon. That it was a very well made film was almost beside the point.

Actually... im not all sure what comes out, so really the only thing im extemely excited for is red tail. Looks like a good movie.

and Bob's just not a pittsburgh fan. XD kidding. though i did hear that as a complaint as why someone at my college wont go see the movie.

o_0?! Space Nazis?! Alright, well my list of most anticipated films pretty much boils down to Lincoln, Iron Sky, Brave, and The Avengers. I'm gonna stick to my guns and continue to believe that Summer 2012 is gonna be the greatest summer for movie releases!

Nice touch at the end, I'm in total agreement though. There has not been a single image, or single video that has got me in anyway excited for the dark knight.

Agreed, I kinda liked the dark knight but like Bob said before that film is increasingly looking like a right time right place movie.

I am kinda surprized that the hobbit got number one but I'm glad since that is the only LotR I like and have read. Hoever I hope they keep the childrens books senciblitys of the book.

Django Unchained is another one I agree with but it is looking like it won't be released until 2013 at this rate. Isn't this the first Tarintino film since his Editor Sally died?


Actually... im not all sure what comes out, so really the only thing im extemely excited for is red tail. Looks like a good movie.

and Bob's just not a pittsburgh fan. XD kidding. though i did hear that as a complaint as why someone at my college wont go see the movie.

I forgot this film! I'm surprized at this one not being on the list but I have no idea if bob is a Lucas fan.

Ha you had read my mind when I saw the Dark Knight Rise wasn't on your list.

Man I need to get back into film news since three of them I haven't heard about until now (Wreak it Ralph, Lincoln and Django Unchained).
Also it never occur to be that Brave is the first Pixar film to have a female protagonist.

Huh, can't say I didn't expect this.

Anyway, comments on Bob's selections:

10) Sounds nice, but Jane Lynch as Master Chief... sounds more like Samus than whatnot. Can't think of a title but the premise sounds awfully familiar.

9) Space Nazi.. on the moon... Enough said. Gotta hand it to nation of Finland for surprising us all.

8) Eh, the trailer was OK, but it looks more like an action-filled flick than one with in-depth story and drama. I won't look forward to watch it unless my buddies want to as much as they want to watch Batman movie.

7) Gender role-challenging films have been a norm for this day and age, so not looking forward to this one as well. However, it's Pixar so the list is above John Carter at least. Speaking of which, I guess the forums will buzz with Pixar giving out next movie's image on their previous ones (LOOK IT UP ON GOOGLE).

6) Historical movies are quite turn-off for me so this is going down quite a lot on my list. In my past experience, having big-named stars in a movie doesn't work out as well as general public want it to be. So, this will be my number 10 on anticipated movies.

5) There are many people who are arguing that the Prometheus is not prequel for Alien, but what do I know. I loved Alien series, so I am going to get suckered in to watching this movie, whether it will be great as the first one or bad as the 4th one.

IMO, Alien series should've ended on third.

4) Ugh, stop with the ego-jerking America. We know you are awesome for killing Bin Laden. Don't have to show off to people in the world how great you are.

Seriously, though. I liked "Hurt Locker" for its story and drama more than its setting and what they are trying to convey. I will wait for reviews (OTHER country's reviews) until I watch it. Better have more drive than just everyone being psyched for killing Bin Laden.


3) Tarantino is my guilty pleasure. It was a roller coaster to see Inglorious Bastards, so this movie will be fun, too... maybe? Kinda raised my eye brow after hearing that last comment. Guilt trip, much?

Oh, Tarantino. What lengths will you go to make the movie as cheesy but memorable to us all.

2) Eh... I see Bob's "hyped" attitude when it comes the Avengers, so I wouldn't say it's not biased. Sure, those movies were really great both with numbers and with the actual story. I mean, I was pretty skeptical about Captain America being, well, too American, but the story itself is told from an individual, not the nation, and international audience (more or less) realized that and saw the movie as an Superhero movie, not an American Superhero movie. Though, I think it should be mentioned that the title "First Avenger" was used instead of "Captain America" in most international releases (to avoid sales loss, I am sure).

However, I won't say it will be the most awesome movie that puts those movies in the blender and serve it up raw and untainted. So, it's high up on my list as well, but I will hold my judgment until the fat lady sings.

1) You took the words right out of me, Bob. So... yeah...

As for Batman, I understand Bob's position when he says he doesn't anticipate as much as other movies, because I don't either. The trilogy being the most horrendous of all three movies were, unfortunately, quite common these days, so I will hold my breath on this one, too.

Now, back to work.

All sounds good except the Bin Ladin one (Which I could not be less interested in). The Hobbit looks amazing. Still looking forward to the Dark Knight Rises the most though (Although Avengers is a very close second).

And yet Bob is wrong in the end, as we all know Return of the Jedi was the best of the Original Trilogy. Yeah, I went there.

After seeing the Prometheus trailer I can't help but feel a bit excited. The moment I saw that quick shot of the Space Jockey chair popping out of the floor my anticipation multiplied by a hundred.

God, I hope Ridley hasn't lost his mojo.

If you replace The Dark Knight Rises with the Avengers you have pretty much how I feel about that movie.

Eh, I wasn't surprised at all. You made it pretty clear in your TDKR trailer commentary that you didn't think too highly of its prospects.

Anyway, great list nonetheless.

Good list Bob but I have to say that I have NO interest in anything related to Tarintino since I came to the realization that their all a mish-mosh of other (better) films.

DK:Rises... You couldn't pay me enough to be interested in it.

It looks as if Nolan said to himself "I ain't do'in another after this, SO F*CK IT!"

This looks like a knockout lineup of entertainment for the year.

When I saw the credits roll with over a minute to go, I knew exactly what was coming up. Well played, Bob.

And I agree with most of your list, though I hadn't heard of #10. Indifferent towards the "Kill Bin Laden" film though.

Not being American i was't all that pushed about the Lincoln movie till i saw James Spader, then i thought... okay... maybe... then Daniel Day Lewis appeared and i couldn't help but Smile :)

Promethus, Ridley Scott... doesn't need any hype im already sold

Tarrantino, meh... not american so i don't have the white guilt trip thing, but Tarantino is Tarantino, and he kept the best actor from Inglorious Bastards involved so im definately going to catch it.

Killing Bin laden... like i said not American, so unless its really good ill probably miss it.

James C. Reilly in the computer game movie, i like it :) unless it gets suky reviews ill probably catch it

Space Nazi's on the moon :) lol brilliant Finland, just Brilliant :)

Pixar braveheart girl.... meh... one Mulan movie is enough.

Avengers FTW.

Okay, Bob, do us all a favor and stick this episode in a mason jar on your shelf with a label that says, "Open me again in January 2013" and tell us how the movies met, or failed to meet, your anticipation.

What about the other Lincoln movie? I'm anticipating that, but not necessarily with any expectation that it will be good, just interesting.*

* Keeping in mind that, "It's interesting how boring they managed to make this" also qualifies.

Of those I'm looking forward to Prometheus, Iron Sky, the Hobbit and (with reservations), the Avengers.

Two things worry me about the Avengers - firstly if it might collapse under the weight of too many characters ala the X-Men movies, with Iron Man in the Wolverine role - and secondly, I'm not a huge fan of Whedon's writing. It's good, certainly, but to my ears all of his characters sound like snarky genre savvy teenagers. it's a style that'll suit Iron Man, but not sure of the rest of the cast.

The Dark Knight Rises I suspect will definitely be an underwhelming third instalment. I'm not even that big a fan of Nolan's po-faced, overly serious and self important films, but even so I don't see how the third movie can stand up to the inevitable comparisons to TDK.

I'm also looking forward to a Lincoln movie ... except it's called : Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

I hope that will be an awesome flick, even if just a popcorn movie.

Overall good list Bob.

there is a very thin line, between originality and absurd. Space Nazis are so into the absurd side of the spectrum, that they dont even remember what originality looks like. For me, it sounds and looks stupid!

The real reason Bob not excited for TDKR
He afraid Marvel's multibillion dollar, mass super hero,juggernaut will undoubfully be slain at the box office by
1 masked DC super hero

Lets face it, Avengers is Bob's baby he has been hyping for years(for just reasons). The Gamble brocken over several years and so far 5 films is likely not going to be the most successful comic book fill of the year.

Not saying it can't be better or do better, but likely won't.

TDKR seems good from what I've seen so far. Bane and his men/who hired him seem to be making this an out right war with Batman, uping the stakes from the very personal duel in TDK.
Not to mention Catwoman seems to be turning out exactly how I predicted she would several months ago, a robin hood like figure determined to ruin the lives of Gotham's elite.

Still, The Hobbit will crush all in the end.:P

Did Moviebob just tell US not to go into a big crybaby hissy fit?!....Pot kettle anyone?

Did Moviebob just tell US not to go into a big crybaby hissy fit?!....Pot kettle anyone?

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