The Big Picture: MovieBob's Most Anticipated Movies of 2012

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"...bald, asthmatic guy in a parka."

Well, there was a series of movies that pulled that villain set-up off, except instead of a parka it was a cape. Do you know which one that was?


I'm looking forward to EVERY single movie on that list. Bring it on, 2012!

Whenever you said Prometheus, I kept on thinking you meant a film adaptation of the book Skyfall, by Harry Harrison. Which, frankly, would've been awesome.

I'm still going to be keeping these movies in mind, though. Some I like the appeal of more than others, but it seems like most are worth keeping an eye on - especially that Avengers movie!

So, he seemed to really like Catwoman and Bane and he even "liked" the movie. He states it was not as good as Avengers, but that is saying little. Avengers was awesome and new. So, I wonder how this stacks up to other picks that made the list:

John Carter

Not a lot else out yet as the Summer wanes. And of course, he isn't excited about the Expendables 2!

I'll see Batman tomorrow and make up my own mind. It will be interesting to compare to his other picks.

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