Trailers: Sorcery - Trailer

Sorcery - Trailer

Finally a game about magic that looks like it's fun to play.

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Ok, i thought this game vanished into development hell due to fuck all being made known about it since its announcement in 2010.

Graphically looks kind of optimistic at best, but at least its got colours and that ive got the ability to appreciate what a games made of past what it looks like.

Eh... looks okay, but nowhere near good enough to warrant shelling out for a Playstation Move. Doesn't help that I think wands took stupid.

Try playing this game after working out.

I'm only saying this b/c my arms are incredibly sore >_>

I'm probably more excited about this game than I should be. Honestly, this is #2 on my anticipated games of 2012 list. I was intrigued by it when I first saw information about it in 2010, and now that it's almost here, I'm glad (among other reasons) that I do have the Playstation Move.

I'm not expecting a grand RPG-rich adventure, but I am expecting a game that if the story sucks, will be immersive enough for me that I can create my own story in my head and roleplay THAT character.

So yeah, I'll probably get this very shortly after it comes out.

EDIT: Whoa whoa whoa, is this already out?

2nd EDIT: It's amazing how many sites either still have incorrect release dates, or haven't updated beyond "Q1 2012"

That looks cool. Is it like Magicka with a motion sensor spell control - sort of like SW: Force Unleashed?

Now, don't get me wrong I'm not opposed to motion controls, but as soon as I saw that move control I lost all interest.

I'm just looking for a game that treats me like a badass wizard (outside of Skyrim) without having to wave my arm around.

I know generally as a rule you don't try to spoil too much for people with the trailers since they need to have that 'I want more!' factor, but with what I've seen I'm underwhelmed.
Nothing seems appropriately epic about this game, he's a sorcerer, that's epic, but shooting little globes of shiny stuff at enemies until something happens doesn't spell epic for me.

Hopefully there'll be more things to impress me, but so far not shaping up too well.


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