Trailers: Snipers - Trailer

Snipers - Trailer

Finally a game that's made for camping.

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So it's basically COD multiplayer with all non-sniper guns removed and an abundance of claymores, insta-kill knifes, strawberry jam screen and somehow invisibility. That... actually looks quite good! Considering sniper is generally the most popular choice of people in multiplayers and everyone really wants to be a sniper (Proof)
Even though this doesn't have much innovation or originality I could see this do rather well. Props to the guys who came up with the concept, so simple, yet so brilliant.

Oh look ANOTHER modern military FPS with insta kill knives!
That encourages camping no less.


At first I was going to complain about how if it doesn't have proper ballistics, then it wouldn't be worth my time. Then I realized it's basically COD that rewards camping even more.

So pass.

Shameless CoD clone, Insta-kill lightning knives, strawberry jam screen..etc.. The works.

Everything in this trailer looks like it was ripped straight from a slightly better looking COD. no thanks.
Though we could do with more grapling hooks In games.

I have to confess, i never played a 3D online shooter, but a game based on sniping with no NPCs, wouldn't that man, that in an actual game, everyone lies on the ground and waits until someone comes along ?

So, everyone will be just camping ?
Let me guess, the special unlockable weapon is a campfire and some sausages/marshmelloes ?

Camptastic. Bring your tent, and intent to pay for a new game, and then hide in corners.

So, this looks like a worse version of Sniper: Ghost Warrior mixed with some of the stupidest CoD mechanics. Is a decent sniping-based multiplayer shooter too much to ask for?

Still waiting on some1 to make a sharpshooting simulator where you have to account for wind, gravity and perhaps even the Coriolis Effect (you know when you get to the lvls where you have to shoot out to 1500m+ XD)

The PS3 peripheral looks neat tho :D

That has got to be one of the lamest ads I've ever seen. Why does it keep cutting back to the hand drawn dude chilling by the window? Why does every tiny piece of the UI and the mechanics look like a broken COD game? With the name "hydravision" I thought the developers were directly parodying activision with this junk. :/

Atleast with this there'll be no idiots moaning about campers. Because if you honestly play a multiplayer built around sniping and expect there to be no camping. You probably need to shot in the dick.

Really though, this just looks like CoD. The least they could have done is worked in a bullet drop mechanic. Even Ghost Warrior did that. They also did wind direction and speed too.

Shame the multiplayer was so unsuccessful.

Get rid of the insta-kill panic knife and we'll talk. Seriously people, Battlefield 3 had it right. A knife should be something that's a last resort or when you want to sneak up on someone. Not 180 degree kill machine.

But a game that actually encourages camping is surprisingly a fun idea. Being sneakier than the other person makes for rewarding gameplay.

So they made a game out of something that could easily have been a gameplay mode for [current favorite FPS]? If I were on the dev team for [current favorite FPS] I'd make a sniper mod just to piss these guys off.

Blah Blah is like COD will snipa Rifles.
God guys every game doesn't have to be a revelation. It looks... well who cares its a trailer, like what Yahtzee said, "we need a demo to actually have a proper idea of this game."
And the collectors edition looks awesome, not the platic toy gun, but the 'plastic toy' headset, where can I get a pair of those?


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