Meatbag and Co: Survival Island

Survival Island

Why can't we have ships already?

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Nifty little video. Where can we download that island?

Perfection. You guys are really hitting your stride with these videos. Keep them coming.

congrats guys the first 2 eps were preaty boaring but this was nice!!!

Kinda wanna know what seed the island is, I really love survival seeds

Oh man, I loved this episode more than pie.

This was pretty funny actually, ignore those facebook comments.

This was pretty funny actually, ignore those facebook comments.

What Facebook comme...oh. Oh.

I think I'm going to agree with personion on that one.

Excellent job!

Glad I stuck through the first few episodes, looks like this will be an amusing series after all.

1000 times better then the other escapist minecraft series

Okay guys, you're hitting your groove, keep it up, this one was pretty funny!

And yet, while building large flammable shelters of wood, neither of them thought to just build another boat.


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