Con Job, Part 1

Con Job, Part 1

MovieBob reports on his experience covering the Arisia Sci-Fi Convention.

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May i just say Props for the Linkara plug, i've been a big fan of this whole wave of critics for years now and its nice to see some attention paid to their contributions to nerd culture. Personally i am a MASSIVE fan of James Rolfe (AVGN) and especially in awe of waht he managed with his yearly monster madness series.

Where does that man get all his time from? So much gets made by him. He's making a movie now too.

Any chance of posting transcripts or recordings of any of these panels?

The one thing keeping Boston below Philadelphia in my List of Cities I Love is the fact that the hours are absolutely ridiculous. Friday night, midnight, my friends and I are wandering Boston for a place to grab some grub, and there's nothing.

This is a city, people. What the Hell is wrong with you that there's nowhere to get food at midnight on a Friday? Aren't there stoners in Boston?

So... where's the Ivy pics?

...Would the IP lawyer Dan Miller happen to be the same Dan Miller who made Kid Radd?

Interesting although I don't really know what to do with the info...

would really appreciate recordings of the panels. I really don't know why people are ready to speak in front of an audience but don't agree to have a (of course cut and cleaned) recording published.
Hell, the convention organizers could even get some additional attention by hosting those and discussions about them on their convention website.

So... where's the Ivy pics?

Same question from here.
And also the Sucke rPunch chicks...
BoB, if you go to a place were there might be hot chicks dressed in sexy outfits... = camera

'well-known' being a term not appropriate to me here...

Good for you Bob!

It's nice that you can take some time and put yourself 'paid for' to spend reporting back to us how the other side feels!

Shit, that sounded as some sort of sarcasm... I honestly don't mean it to sound that way regardless of what I may have typed before...

This article made me feel like I can enjoy what Bob has to say. He wasn't trying to flame bait anyone (as far as I could tell) and he was just doing a reporter type thing slanted toward his demeanor. I can respect that in this context. Actually, it makes Bob come off in a positive light. Cause he was getting something out of it I guess.

The only part that ruins it for Bob, is when he types: -'I've been at this for well over fifteen hours more or less nonstop'- which is really sad if true, cause 2 pages does not equal 15 hours.

Besides that, I look forward to more of this new style of writing by this sites favorite Bob guy.

Years ago a guy on the street stopped me at Dragon Con to ask me what movie was filming because they were new to the area and did not know that the geeks invade downtown Atlanta every labor day. Which a I guess also says something about the quality of costuming at cons that some people now think a movie must be filming.

Kind of shocked more businesses don't take advantage of your con. The Dairy Queen in the food court near the Dragon Con hotels normally closes pretty early but they stay open until really late during Dragon Con because they have learned how much money they can make off us late at night when we don't want to pay for hotel food. Some of the workers in the food court say that Dragon Con is for their business what Christmas is for the retail stores.

As a geek in his 40's, wow yea the convention scene has really changed since I was 16 and could go to my first cons. From a few D&D players in an empty room at something like a college campus to taking over large parts of American cities.

Interesting Article Bob. I have read comics for about a year and ever since you said in Big Picture that Civil War was a great start point, and now read way too much, so thanks for that btw.

OT: Dark Knight Returns is totally over rated, I couldnt get what the big deal was, its good but I preferred Year One much more. and The Killing Joke. Do you see it as royalty? if not what is your favorite of the Batman?


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