Trailers: Resident Evil 6 - Official Trailer

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Proverbial Jon:

This game does look bloody intense and who knows, it might actually be playable as well. I guess I'm just mourning the loss of yet another good survival horror franchise. First Silent Hill fell. Now Resident Evil has become a run and gun zombie shooter.

No hope left indeed...

The thing was, it really wasn't ever that good. Back in the old days it managed to fall into a really lucky niche in the market, and was outplayed by Silent Hill at every conceivable turn. The story was contrived and rather dull.

While I'm with you in the "it should at least try to be scary", this is ultimately a much better choice.

And speaking of Silent Hill, have you seen the new one? It actually looks pretty good.

To be honest, I was being quite generous when I said it was a "good" survival horror franchise. They were competant games and they brought the scares well enough, but it wasn't my favourite franchise, simply because jump scares don't get me as well as Silnet Hill's own brand of fatal blood pressure inducing tension.

Although I'm in no doubt that this game is probably the direction they should have taken a long time ago, it is still sad to see yet another popular franchise fall back on all-out action simply to please the masses. Still, they're a business and they have to roll with the times, I get that.

I have seen some trailers for the new Silent Hill and have been following it closely. I was dissapointed when the release date was put back. I am intrigued but I won't invest much more of myself than that at this stage, not after being burned by the last 2 games. Fingers crossed that Vatra have found a winning formula in Downpour.

I like the look of the Leon parts - looked like it was returning to form. The Chris Redfield parts... I just hope they won't be too actiony...

And please... no co-op, no co-op, no co-op...


I want to know who this "bitch" is that Chris is raging about. Remember there was that trailer of a hand held RE game where chris and jill were at ends about something? le HMM!

My guess it's ada, she is said to be in this game so...

More cover shooting and more Ashley? Just what we all wanted!

Oh, wait...

Im thinking Steve. I see his hair more red, green hand (maybe glove? cant see well, but its only on one hand) and a virus inside him everyone seems to want?

DarkRyter is disappointed by lack of HUNK.

DarkRyter begrudgingly approves.



after RE5's unusual african setting, which kind of set me off, this is so exciting to see both Leon and Redfield, plus this new ass kicking mercenary guy, in one game set in a normal big city overflowing will traditional zombies.

i mean, i saw cars on fire in the streets with zombies loitering by them, dark subways with zombie's shadows on the wall, refield and a firesquad running past screaming citizens, TOTALLY AWESOME KUNG FU ON ZOMBIE ACTION, soliders turning into zombies, helicopter and motorcycle chase scenes, AND GIANT SCARY MONSTERS! this game's got all the fun zombie movie cliches we love AND THEN SOME!


All that I needed to see in this trailer to get excited about the game was there in the first seconds - LEON MOTHERFing KENNEDY!!!! That man is the god-king of the RE universe. Just give me more Krauser in Mercs and I will preorder the damn thing now

Leon and Claire need to be partners again. Fuel my fanfics, Capcom.

Is that third guy fighting zombies with his bare hands?!

It's weird that I still only see Chris has the guy that no one picked in the first Resident Evil?

The addition of (what has got to be) Alex Wesker is awsome to me, especially after the mess that RE5 turned Albert Wesker's character into, Since we got Leon too and a RE2 raccoon city theme going on im also happy, and last but not least all this increases the chance to bump into your and my favorite UBCS operative HUNK

I like the acrobatics. We've come pretty far from the days of tank controls, no?

The tank controls were always there. It just so happened the camera stopped being fixed in 4 and stayed that way.

Which, in my opinion, seriously detracted if not completely eliminated the feeling of claustrophobia, helplessness, and cinematic flair that was in the "classic style" games.

Seriously, why did the Escapist even bother classifying this as a "Survival Horror"? From what I'm seeing it's a 3rd person shooter with horror elements.

it's hard to care much after playing RE5 recently. but i'm strangely optimistic about this one. it looks like after the success of 4RE and then fumbling it again with RE5 they now understand why 4RE was so good.
I'm seeing all this shit going down in the trailer and reminded of how many exciting interesting sequences there were in 4RE. And the fact that I don't recognise anything in the trailer from pre-existing resident evil mythology is a good sign. the best resident evil games are the ones that don't try to be very... resident evil-esk.
could be i'm reading to much into this trailer, but i'm hopeful for now.

Please, just no co-op. That's all I ask.


Sorry, I'll try to contain myself.

Leon is looking a lot more... what's the word... rugged. :0

I've got nothing against Chris either, although I would like to see more Claire.... >.>

I just hope there's no escorting Ashley again, if that was her with the unknown guy. xD

I'll be looking forward to this one, though I hope it comes out on the PC, I preferred RE5 there.

It said "PC version to be announced at a later date" or something at the end of the trailer. If they expect me to cave in and get the console version, they're going to be disappointed.

Hopefully this one will be better, I thought 5 was shit.

You know it all depends on your views of horror, but I've found that 4 and 5 were scary to me because the fucking zombies used fucking tools. Also, there were tons of them, also dogs that split their faces in half to eat your head, also guy with chainsaws who get back up, also those reaver insect things, also super chainsaw ganados, also the blind guys with wolverine claws.

All depends on your views of horror.

Oh, and ten bucks says Wesker comes back in some way. Volcano, pssh.


I wonder if the "mercenary" guy and the blonde girl with him are Steve Burnside and Sherry Birkin. She looks like she'd be about the right age.

Um...if you remember "Code Veronica," I'm pretty sure there is no way that could be Steve Burnside

It wouldn't be the first time in the series that a character has come back from the dead.

I'm liking this but I'm wondering what feats of manliness will be featured in this game.

Wait a second...Is that WESKER?! AND ASHLEY?!

Well anyways, let's hope it's about as good as RE4 and not as shitty as RE5.
Let's hope...

More cover shooting and more Ashley? Just what we all wanted!

Oh, wait...

That girl with the Mercenary isn't's confirmed to be Sherry Birkin.

The merc guy ? You know who I think it is ? HUNK! YEAAAAAAH!

OK. Apparently I'm the only one who hated what I just saw. I'll sum up my point of view for you. Cover based combat in a game where you fight zombies. That is not only uninspired, it's stupid. Cover based combat makes sense in a game where you get shot at. Storywise, this game looks like it's even dumber than all the REs to date.

On the good side, I think it's interesting they added human survivors to the recipe and I'm hoping that will actually be a part of the game and that they can implement it in a fun and meaningful way. Seeing as there are quite a few characters, I'm hoping you get to choose one of several, each with their own abilitie, and go down a different path with each making for a more interesting story and gameplay.

That's just hope though and that was just a trailer so I can't know any of that for sure. The cover based combat seems official though and just looking at it is really pissing me off. I wonder how much from the original gameplay mechanics from RE4 they sacrificed to interest the Gears of War demographic. Judging by the trailers it seems they sacrificed all of it.

Well, fuck it. I didn't even think they would release the 6th one and if it is shit I won't buy it. But hey, whatever makes money, right? So here's to Capcom going bankrupt.

"Welcome, welcome, interest ya in 3 story arcs stranger"
I hope its more then what 5 was, I WATCHED my brother complete the 4th about 6 times, I just enjoyed the ride. 5 was just bleeegh.


I remember back in 2009 reading an article that said Resident Evil 6 could take 4 to 8 years to make. To make it in just 3 is a real accomplishment

I am a bit upset that they won't admit it isn't a survival horror game any more(judging by the game play style shown but this remains to be seen) but it does look good though.

i saw some things that could or could not be iffy in my book but, overall i would have to say that it seem somewhat regular zombies and B.O.W.'s are back. I'm not too sure on the 3 main character deal. However,it looks promising and if they keep to the release date my birthday will be very interesting.



I want to know who this "bitch" is that Chris is raging about. Remember there was that trailer of a hand held RE game where chris and jill were at ends about something? le HMM!

My guess it's ada, she is said to be in this game so...

That's a solid guess. I'm actually hoping it's not. With the fresh start that this feels like it's trying to go for (the reboot without rebooting previous cannon style of reboots), I think it's a prime opportunity to introduce new characters. But with Leon running around, Ada makes sense.

This looks incredible. As others have said, Leon's parts look like the most fun, and least "herp derp RE5," but even Chris's parts look fun. His muscles have even been toned down to realistic proportions!

I remember back in 2009 reading an article that said Resident Evil 6 could take 4 to 8 years to make. To make it in just 3 is a real accomplishment

Uh oh. That seems to say that they're cutting stuff out and will be making DLC for the remaining 1-5 years...I really hope Capcom doesn't sell out like that.

Is it me, or does Leon's aged appearance not really fit that stupid emo haircut of his?

Regardless, I was worried at first since it just looked like a cinematic trailer, but showing gameplay as well... looks pretty damn good.
Though I thought they said they weren't making anymore RE's in the same vain as 4 or 5 but doesn't bother me since I hated every game before those two.

Definitely looks interesting and I look forward to playing it.
Unless it gets delayed to fuck and back like RE5 did >.>

Anyone else think the glimpses of president look like the mayor from Spin City?
Also Leon looks like he's 17 and semi-starved

That girl with the Mercenary isn't's confirmed to be Sherry Birkin.

Source? IGN is saying that, but they don't have a source to speak of. Looks (and sounds) like Ashley to me...

The trailer looked great though, I'm looking forward to playing as Leon again as I thought RE4 was brilliant.

Montezuma's Lawyer:
I saw enemies with guns, a cover mechanic, and idiotic ninja moves.

I am severely disappointed.

Devil May Cry:Resident Evil Edition.

I'm sorry but the 3rd guy fist fighting people was the nail in the coffin for me.

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