Trailers: Blacklight Retribution - Hardsuit Trailer

Blacklight Retribution - Hardsuit Trailer

Who doesn't want to capture a hardsuit?

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I played the Beta for this game, it's awesome.

Too bad they are using a broken F2P model and charging you for timed unlocks. Yay, I got this awesome new grenade pouch! I better use it a lot, I only have it for two days! And this sweet SMG, but only got that one for a day so here is to hoping it's awesome!... You unlock an awesome gun then use it to accumulate enough points to unlock it again when your time runs out. It's really just an excuse to not add any new content. I mean, you are constantly fighting just to keep the stuff you have, why would they need to worry about new guns, knives, or gear.

They can keep the game based on this. There are other awesome F2P games coming out. Tribes Ascend, which is awesome. And I can't wait to see what happens with Firefall.

The voice recording for this was awful. There's a difference between computerised sounding voice and an unintelligible one.


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