Trailers: Cross of the Dutchman - Teaser Trailer

Cross of the Dutchman - Teaser Trailer

Now everyone can live their dream and play as a Dutchman.

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Those frisians are still at it, trying to free their "country". ;)

All joking aside though, can't wait to play a game that actually takes place in my "beloved" little country.

Too bad there was no actual info on what the game is meant to be, but looking at the site it's not too specific yet. According to the site:


Cross of the Dutchman will be an Action game with Adventure elements."

If it's not just a Hack 'n Slash then I'll give it a look once it's out. :)

Yay, a mythic/historic story not involving the Greek pantheon or WWII

Do NOT fuck with the Frisians.

Let's hope this is better than A2 Racer and Amsterdoomed.

Looks like all replies so far are Dutch ;)
As a Dutch Man myself... He's a HERO? Never heard of him, and I considder myself a history buff... and I'm obviously Dutch...

You don't have to go THIS obscure (far) to get an orginal theme going, guys!

Ah loved ones.... merely a plot device to give characters everywhere... a reason to kill...


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