The Big Picture: Monster's Movie

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Monster's Movie

A movie produced by a real-life supervillain.

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Wait, I've heard this story before, but I could have sword I heard it from this show. Deja Vu, that or... can people please stop making changes to the Matrix, the repetition is getting annoying.

Anyone else think Kim sounds like an evil parallel version of Bob?

I'd heard about this story a few years ago, and Trey and Matt actually mentioned it in the Team America extras. But I didn't know Kim had actually commissioned an actual Godzilla knock-off. I kinda wanna see this movie.

Reality is officially stranger than fiction. (Beat that, Grant Morrison!)

I knew this actually happened, but I didn't know anything about any of the actual movies. Just when I thought life couldn't get more surreal...

My mind = Blown. It's completely bat***t insane stories like this that makes this world a fun place to live.

I had heard about the fact Kim Jong kidnapped someone to be his personal director somewhere, but I can't remember where. The idea that the director had the courage to basically give Kim Jong the finger in his own movie is awesome though. It's also nice to hear that he and his wife were able to escape, even if it took years to do so.

Great episode, Bob!

Is it bad that I'm a bit more surprised that it was the same guy who did "The Three Ninjas"?

It's strange how out of all the "big bad guys" of our generation, this guy was... probably talked about the least, or at least, wasn't in the media or wasn't what EVERYONE was talking about like Osama bin Laden and the like... And yet, what an eccentric guy he was!


...Well, now we know what it means...XD

And man...this story is insaaaaaaane. He KIDNAPPED a guy to make him some communist godzilla movies?! REALLY? That's just plain insane.

brilliant. Bob, this was one of the best informative episodes of the Big Picture that i have seen in a long time (not say your show is bad. Its great)

I knew of that story but not the full detail. Man he's the same guy who made those kid ninja films? They must of mess him up that bad for him to make more of those films.

Already knew this one, but it's still great to have a video to show folks who are unawares. Thanks Bob!

Hmmm...I've seen one of those recommended on Netflix...
/goes into Netflix
/adds movie to instant queue

Tom Templeton:
Anyone else think Kim sounds like an evil parallel version of Bob?

Yeah, I thought I heard some jealousy in his voice this week. :P

Despite how crazy this story was I had no problem believing all. And Kim had done a lot more crazy stuff too.

its things like this that make me wonder why i think the real world is boring.

its things like this that make me wonder why i think the real world is boring.

HO. LY. SHIT. I KNEW that "monster that eats metal" movie sounded familiar! I remember watching Galgameth when I was a kid.

And now I know the full story behind it. Great episode as always, Bob.

So now I gotta ask, when are we gonna see the Hollywood version of this story? I can see it done as a genuinely scary psychological horror flick, or as a really over the top farce.

I remember seeing the US knock off/recreation

Maybe it's just my tendency to focus on minor details, but what caught my ear was that the kidnapped director was IMPRISONED FOR 5 YEARS BEFORE ANYONE EVEN TOLD HIM WHY HE WAS THERE! I mean, I can kinda understand kidnapping someone to make movies for you, but I can't understand KIDNAPPING HIM AND THEN FORGETTING ABOUT HIM FOR FIVE FUCKING YEARS!

I heard about this whole Godzilla knock off story somewhere else along with a whole bunch of other things I'll list here.

If I remember right Kim was also big on Basketball too. A big Jordan fan. I think someone that went over and visited him actually gave him a signed basketball.. that kim built a museum to put the ball in. He also might of actually studied to be the bond villain he was as he was actually a Big Bond movie fan too. (also Daffy duck, showing where the other half of his psychosis came from) He also imported over 700k worth of congac a year. Fun facts for the day.

Well, in fairness to Kim Jong nutbag, it's not like Korea hadn't tried to knock off Godzilla in the past. I've seen Yongory

This is not the first time I heard of this film. it is the first time I herd it´s name and what the plot is (I herd it on a comedy panel show where they called it a Communist version of Godzilla). well that man was mad (and I don´t know anything about his son but I do not like him)

The weirdest part for me, he made them re-marry. It feels like Kim Jong was a fan-boy and was devastated when they broke up or something, hell, this feels like that Steven King novel.

In fact this feels like one of those movies "Based on a true story" which someone would watch and know was clearly not the case, only this it would be.

Their escape would make an awesome movie, from what I hear.

Well you don't get much stranger than that.

The weirdest part for me, he made them re-marry. It feels like Kim Jong was a fan-boy and was devastated when they broke up or something, hell, this feels like that Steven King novel

Actually I think there was a Stephen King novel like that. I think it was called "Misery" except it was a novelist not a film director.
Hmm, life imitates art.

I heard about this shortly after Kim Jong Il's death. Also, apparently Kim's first words to the man he had kidnapped when they finally met were "What do you think of my physique? Short as a Goblin's turd aren't I?"

I love this guy! xD

Nothing surprises me about that man.

If you were to tell me that He used to butter up his feet and wear shoes made out of bread; I'd believe it.

This is the same man that made a movie about how great he was at making movies.

After he made High Noon at Mega Mountain.. they should have sent him back to North Korea.

And, say what you want about Kim, but the man knows how to keep his country under foot. No wonder the US is stealing pages from his play-book. Wonder how long till the president starts claiming divine right.

Bob, have I told you recently how much I love you? Seriously. I used to think I had some pretty good film stories I could bust out at parties, but since you made this show, those stories have more than doubled.

Sometimes you talk about stuff I already know (which makes me feel smart) but learning new stuff about film, comics and TV from you almost every week is something I really enjoy.

Keep up the good work.

I actually saw Galgameth sometime in the nineties on superRTL :D

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