Con Job, Part 2

Con Job, Part 2

MovieBob continues his report on his experience covering the Arisia Sci-Fi Convention.

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As much as I enjoyed the article, I have to ask: that Avengers poster is fake, right? They wouldn't let it slip that Ant-Man and Wasp were in it just like that.

Every mention of mainstays like The Day The Earth Stood Still or War of The Worlds has to be prefaced with "Which one?"

Does it really matter? They were all underwhelming.

As I say anywhere it's mentioned, The Clone Wars cartoon is really good for the most part. There are some terrible episode here and there, but it's really good episodes stand out so much, the recent Umbara episodes being a shining example.

So, the new Clone Wars cartoon is ...good? When did that happen? I mean, the prior 2d one was good in that silly/awesome Genndy Tartakovsky way, but I haven't really given the CG one a chance. Should I?

"Star Wars At 35" The name of that one sounds like it would end up as a discussion about the actual age of geek culture and how many successful people in their 40s still love one of its staples. Personally I'm surprised it took so long for the outright boom in nerd culture we are seeing today.

It makes it even sadder that US law makers don't understand what a server is or how the internet works on the most basic of levels. If well adjusted highly intelligent people in their 40s can tell you every class of star destroyer how come we can't get public officials to understand the now all pervasive online world?

"surreal artificial hominess vibe that's given us so many memorable ghost stories."

Best colloquial description of The Uncanny I've read yet.

Love cons. I'm having a lot of trouble finding a good one to attend in New England USA. Back in ancient times, I'd get to see the principals from Star Trek. Now, you're lucky to get, "guy in blue shirt in episode 127 that dropped wrench on foot."

And the Internet has likely harmed the merchandise room the way VHS, then DVD, etc. killed the movie rooms at these cons. (Saw 2001 for the first time at a con. It was such a great experience).

Anyone know any good ones left around New England USA?

Interesting insight into your world boss. Thanks for the share! You hit a chord with me on the Star Wars bitterness thing. Maybe I should check out the Clone Wars. I just assumed it was the series going to the kiddies, (which wouldn't necessarily a bad thing), and had no real interest in it. Thanks for the heads up! Love your work as always!


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