Trailers: Battlefield Heroes - Vehicle Mayhem

Battlefield Heroes - Vehicle Mayhem

Mayhem seems to be an overused word but I think it fits perfectly for this trailer.

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This actually looks beautiful. I get the feeling that there's a lot of originality in the mechanics and the fact that it's got this cell-shaded look to it means that they'll be able to spend more time updating the mechanics as opposed to improving the graphics (assuming this is a multiplayer game, which it looks to be).

So... Battlefield meets Age of Empires Online.

Sure, why not.

Although no doubt somebody out there is frothing at the mouth after watching this.

Eh, might be fun, although I still prefer 2142 to it.

The hell happened to this game? It looks fun, but there are so many guns AND new outfits, i don't even recognize it!

I used to play it, and you NEVER get to play on the good vehicle maps and you get crappy infantry maps. Damned infantry maps.....

This game could be good if it wasent a shamless money cash in. The game has the standart crappy weapons each class starts, and there are the better guns, which you can buy with real money, or with in game curency, for a limited time. The problem is, the game designed in a way you cant get enough currency to constantly have your weapons of choise, and thus making you in a permant disadvantge compare to the paying player. And I'm not going to even talk on the so slow character lvling speed to sell exp boosts...


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