Trailers: Quarrel - Trailer

Quarrel - Trailer

Perfectly titled game.

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Well, THIS was a badly aimed move. Let me just ask - How many KIDS games are there on the 360?

And no, I don't mean games that anyones including kids can play, like Kameo or Viva Pinata - ones aimed AT three year old kids.

Yeah, not that many. With all due respect to the 360, This is NOT your scene. Let the Wii do this stuff. At best, this will end up being a forgotten whisper in the night. But what worries me is the fact that this could open a new niche in the 360. I'm all for expanding the market? But uh...I'm scared that this, combined with making those Gears of War toys, will result in us having a new breed of Mic-screamers, only theyre going to be 5 rather than 13.

Hooooooo boy.


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