Meatbag and Co: Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode

This episode brought to you in spite of Skyrim.

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Man, this is the kind of pacing and writing you need to keep up. Meatbag and Co(mpany) is getting better and better.

That was pretty damn funny.

"Motherfucker I AM A TAILOR. What the fuck am I gonna do with spider haunches?! Come and drop that shit on my floor -- get the fuck outta here!"

Haha, that was wonderful. We need more of this.

This is getting better. I look forward to how this keeps changing.

Okay guys, keep it up, you're doing a really good job.

this episode is my favorite now, next to the storm king one.

Pacing is becoming much better. Much easier to keep me interested. I'm not sold on it yet, but I feel it is improving. Side note, I'm not one to complain about profanity... but the tailors rant felt really forced.

Alright, it's better, but still not great. Almost every segment rode on one punchline, which is better than the talking-about-random-things-for-three-minutes, but now it's falling into "common activity -> self aware one liner". And Skyrim jokes were already old in December.

I feel it has potential. You writers can come up with funny sketches, for sure, I just feel the jokes could do better in a plot, and maybe a short episode of 3 minutes.

Keep it up!

Bless you for no longer having a minute long outro

Idiot probably tried to enchant using the first enchanted Item he came across. You never get the best enchantments first.

Loved this episode =D

Perhaps my watching of it was fortuitously placed between me leaving Skyrim after 150 hours, and picking up Minecraft for the first time (I know, I know), but still.

Well done =)

@Phlakes: To be fair, at least we avoided arrow in the knee jokes.

I liked that this episode is similar to what goes on in my head when I play Minecraft and Skyrim (which is only two and a half months old) in the same evening. The things that happened in the background, like rifling through someone's chests and stealing a diamond, and the inappropriate interruption while talking about a poisoned grandson made me chuckle.

Geting quite better. Keep working for it, and you'll have me as a fan.

Now this is a little late but I wanted to say this episode is AMAZING so much laughing about it lol. Loved the Mage's Guild joke and the "Went out in a blaze of poor judgement" kudos


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