Trailers: Call of Duty: Elite - Join Up Trailer

Call of Duty: Elite - Join Up Trailer

A recruiting video I can get behind.

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So yea..... He talked a lot but did he said anything worth hearing?

See, despite my feelings for CoD, that was a pretty good trailer. EA, take note! Because your marketing departing needs replacing...

Saw this trailer yesterday. Felt dirty to call myself a gamer for a little bit. Every moment of this douchbaggery was disgusting and obnoxious, and while I was merely apathetic towards MW3 before, NOW I find myself against it. My love of Battlefield is only cemented more. And this is my first real hate-filled post with actual feeling behind it. Congratulations, CoD Elite trailer. You finally did it.

I am underwhelmed...I have considered Elite but it struck me as a ridiculous expense to attempt to explain. This did not convince me.

this is really bad. like EA bad

I thought it actually was funny.

like...terribad funny,

Damn CoD gone from being a parody of itself to complete farce.

People complaining about the trailer: Are you complaining because you didn't like the trailer or because you didn't like CoD: Elite?

I thought that the trailer was pretty funny. If I didn't already belong to Elite, I...well, probably still wouldn't because the commercial wasn't THAT good but I'd consider it.

I love companies who make commercials where they don't take themselves too seriously. Yes, they want to sell a product but they are OK with making fun of themselves in the process (How do you disappoint your mom? ELITE!)

Did the guys who worked Viseral's advertising do this as well?
Kinda funny how there taking the piss out of themselves now and trying at the same time to try and come up with ways to break there bank and *innovate*.

this is really bad. like EA bad

I agree. I enjoy an afternoon in the CoD lobbies as much as anyone (which is to say far more than most people on The Escapist) but even I found this trailer to be utterly cringeworthy. For the benefit of non CoD players, I would just like to say we're not all like that. For the benefit of Activision, I would just like to say WE'RE NOT ALL LIKE THAT.

I see they know their demographic very well, I was going to say the trailer is horrid but then I realized it's just childish, it was made to appeal to kids who actually are their biggest piece of the pie.

In the thread: People who do not understand what self-parody is.

[splat, Head explodes]

Me - M40A5 - Obnoxious Man
+10 Headshot
+457 Marksmen Bonus
+20 Savior Kill

Me: "What was that about Elite?"

Jokes aside, self-parody or not, this ad fails to enrapture me with the product. Why would I want Heat maps & everything when the self-parodic nature of the ad seems to imply that these things are unnecessary? If it's not self-parody, then it's just obnoxious (this is true no matter which PoV you look at it from).

ok, it had some amusing moments but i sure will not sign up for this. i still enjoy MW3 MP but not that much that i want to have elite.
otherwise the trailer was stupid and non appealing.

This makes me want to burn a puppy. Well done.

Couldn't tell if bad or good
Some moments were full of so much facepalm it wasn't even imaginable
But at other times it made me chuckle
Overall though i'm going to go ahead and name it a fail, truly disappointing even for them

All I heard was Blaaaaaaaa...

But seriously, this was NOT good advertising :c

It does well to represent the huge storm of shite that is call of duty

seriously, why would he be advertising it as ''why pay for 4 $15 map packs when CoD Elite is only $50 bucks! woo!''? Alright, I get that they are acting like you're saving money on this but to me it basically spelled out that the map packs were overpriced, leading to Activision being able to justify an overpriced subscription service, and that the marketing team is fully aware of all this.

Eh. Self parody or not, this commercial was not very good. It did not make me want to buy Elite, and it certainly did not make we want to be the kind of person that does. I know you guys aren't all like that, but that commercial basically just took a negative stereotype and rolled with it, saying, "Look at how great this is!!! Isn't this great?!?"

So Rob Riggle left the Daily Show about four years ago to do bigger and better things...and this is the most I've seen of him since.

...This is why we can't have nice things, America.


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