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"I'm surprised that anyone reads my books. I've been surprised by that since the first one came out."

Funny, I was kind of thinking the same thing. The Icewind Dale books were decent escapism and when the characters were fresh the clichés didn't matter but now the formula is creaking at the seams with the glut of low-quality writing.

Honestly, since The Halfling's Gem I haven't read a single R A Salvatore book that hasn't evoked an apathetic "meh" for it's samey-ness. Although - I've yet to try the Drizzt origin stories; if anyone would recommend them please let me know.

It's no surprise to me that his attachment to the Kingdoms of Amalur project has resulted in a cripplingly generic fantasy stew with little character to speak of. Hopefully this doesn't damage the game too much, I would really like to see that company succeed.

Yes, read them. Much better than Icewind Dale, fully Drizzt-oriented, fantastic setting, and I believe it was the second trilogy he wrote (meaning that these books were early).
I personally read almost everything Salvatore wrote, but some of it is clearly better than others, and some are spectacularly bad.

"Zom-B" post="6.342414.13795951"]I'll echo the sentiments about anyone reading Salvatore's books. When I was a kid of course I thought they were great, but as I read more and more books in both the fantasy genre and others, and gained a greater appreciation for quality writing it became more and more apparent that Salvatore was simply an average author who had the good fortune to stumble upon a character that people fell in love with.

The fact that he's written 20 books on Drizzt is a testament to his shameless milking of the character. I haven't read any of his non-Drizzt books, but I bet you could plug him in to the storyline in place of a similar character without ever knowing that the books wasn't meant to be a Drizzt book to begin with. The guy has definitely got the formula nailed down, which is probably the biggest detriment to his books. They're probably formulaic, predictable and riddled with tropes and cliches.[/quote]

The Highwayman books were godawful but the DemonWars Saga was great.

I stopped reading the series after the spine of the world books it gets really tiring how characters never really ever die in the series they just get transported to some other dimension making you think they are dead.

I'm surprised that there's so much dislike for Salvatore and his character. I first saw Drizzt in a cameo in Baldur's Gate when it first came out all those years ago. I've recently started reading my way through the series of books. I'm up to Starless Night and I've enjoyed all of them.

As was stated above, it's the other characters in the books like Bruenor and Cattie-Brie that I enjoy reading about the most. Jarlaxle is quickly becoming one of my favourite anti-heroes.

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