Feed Dump: Death Coaster

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I loved hearing Alex's off camera "Hey!" when kathleen said that she took the hat from him. The description of how to add to your gum ball had me gagging as well but I have a very weak stomach.

Oh jesus fucking shit-christ! I had to stop and rewind so much because of the laughter.

Kathleen's pain tickles my funny bone so hard...

My head is feels light...

She really doesn't like spit.

So I presume one shouldn't let her watch that one episode of MST3K where Crow points out there are some things people shouldn't think about, like the fact that their tongue is just laying in the bottom of their mouth, all day and all night...

dear god this ep was awesome I love the "hooker barn" and "french coaster maker become germen" and Kathleen's reaction to chewed up ball of gum.

Oh god. Kathleen's katamari comparison made me fall out of my chair and laugh the loudest that I've laughed in probably five years. And this is after I was on the brink of giggling during the whole pre-chewed gum story. I kind of feel like a bastard for laughing at her misery, though.

Still, thank you, guys. You always make my Wednesdays awesome, and this one was especially awesome.

Feed Dump is always great, but I think you three are the strongest actors / performers / clever folk who show up. Thanks for making my day.

Oh god I was gagging along with Kathleen as the description was read. *shudder*

And Graham's right, that's not an Australian hat.

This is an Australian hat.

You call that an Australian hat?


Now that's an Australian hat.

Obvious jokes aside,

Not generally a fan of that guy being on the show, but shouting and frenchness makes him good =)

Strangest thing; every time Andy is on the show I laugh so hard I cry. MORE ANDY!

I rejoice every freakin' time Cownden is in Feed Dump.

Poor Kathleen...
Hey it's Andy!

I'd like to see an FD with Andy, Alex and Paul.

Well shit, now I want to play Flimbo's Quest.
Thanks Graham. :(

'That's not going to help if your breath still smells like a hookers vagina'

I almost choked myself laughing!

Now I want to know if Alex has the Fez because he's a fan of Doctor Who.

And fezzes are cool.

Because that gum thing was making me want to vomit, here's something about rollercoasters:
imageWhen I saw that item about the coaster of dismemberment fun time, I immediately thought of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euthanasia_Coaster

Zachary Amaranth:
Funniest episode in a while. I feel bad laughing at Kathleen's misery though.

I feel no remorse for the same. :D

You had me at "I didn´t touch yer god damn baby Meryl Streep!"

Tears of laughter throughout!

Also: What the hell is wrong with some people!?


That smile does not bode well for mankind...

New segment--try and get Kathleen to gag on screen?

Also, Andy's back! Hey Andy! Whooo!

As a tip, do not eat Peanut Butter while watching this episode. Especially don't eat Wowbutter, even worse.

Feed dump is getting funnier and funnier!

Fantastic job guys.

Best. Feed Dump. EVER!

That's not a Feed Dump, this is a Feed Dump.


And why am I German now. That part made me laugh. Good episode guys. See you next week.

New segment--try and get Kathleen to gag on screen?

Oh the response to that would so get me banned....

Damn, I was totally going to call you guys on it too but Kathleen's thieving skills saved you. Alex's hat won't be there for you always...

I don't know if you guys were using a new editing strategy, but that Feed Dump was very well edited. Quick, clean cuts with no background noise except a far off Alex in the fez scene. Nicely done. Also, watching Kathleen almost puke made me gag in sympathy. Thanks for that.

this Feed Dump had me shaking with laughter throughout :D every story. made it hard to pay attention xD

Kathleen, if it makes you feel any better, I gagged at the picture when someone posted it in the comments. and you look good as a blonde.

Wow, did I feel sorry for Kathleen! But Andy made me bust a gut laughing, and Graham, you are an evil, evil man. I knew there was a reason why I liked you so much! It put me in mind of last Saturday when I worked at the Library and we showed "The Smurfs" as a family movie. One of our teenage pages has to sit in the movie and watch it to make sure no one makes off with the DVD or anything like that, and afterwards, he came upstairs complaining about how horrible "that song" was. "What song?" I asked, "this one?" and I started singing the Smurf's theme song, and he was like, "No, No! Stop it!" Cue me and the other library assistants who had grown up watching the Smurfs singing that snippet of song every time he passed.

By the end of the day, he claimed he'd rather have a root canal with no anesthesia rather than hear "that song" ever again. Tormenting your co-workers for fun and pro... well, fun, anyway!

I loved the toss another stereotype on the barbie line as Australians always refer to shrimp as prawns.


Reminds me of the Mammoth Cheese bowls in Skyrim.

Phunny Phact. The Coaster Test Dummies losing their limbs is actually a PR stunt. For some reason, Thrope Park's PR team thought it would encourage people to ride their new Roller Coaster (very new Wing-Rider type, tallest of its kind in Europe).
It is true with a lot of rides like Oblivion (Alton Towers) and Saw (Thrope Park), they like to heavily imply you'll die, this implication is done in a sort of 'suspension of disbelief' zone where if you're sharp enough you can see it's just hype and atmosphere building.

Reporting it to a newspaper is utterly different. This is invasive to real-life. You have people's common sense screaming this is dangerous, not just the subconscious. The presentation and environment of the information is utterly sincere (despite intent was slightly sarcastic).

It will only put people off riding the ride if they believe they will be illegitimate peril of they ride it (opposed to fantasy RP peril).

I salute the camera worker.
It truly is a hard job, considering the subject matter.

And now we understand why Andy is on LRR shows so little while off having his acting career.

Funny funny stuff. Needs more fake accents and things to gross out Kathleen.

The triumphant return of Andy! Woo!

LRR running out of hats? Say it ain't so. Time for a weird hat drive.

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