Trailers: Prototype 2 - Radnet Trailer

Prototype 2 - Radnet Trailer

With Radnet the developers are helping you to become a more destructive person.

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I really hope they make an avatar award that turns your arm into a biological doom sword or something. Because that would be awesome.

This is such a stupid idea. The fact is, while the first Prototype game was awesome, it had not replay value. While it was a great in the moment game, it had no longevity.

Also, a later release on the PC, tsk tsk. It had better not be full price. Also, as a PC gamer, I don't care about your timed release BS.

Whose idea was this, and why do they still have a job?

Aww man. Too bad I don't have internet at my house. I would probably be a shut in thanks to this game.

Part of me thinks this is just a cheap gimmick that was pushed down from Activision by a clueless exec that is completely unable to understand how a single player game can possibly have longivity, and part of me thinks that, yes, this is how you can make a single player game have online components without ruining it.

I can't say that doing Saints' Row style activities for Mercer's awesome jacket is an entirely bad thing.

I think this seems like a really awesome idea. Get some new stuff that you don't pay for, but earn yourself. It's a better way of doing DLC.


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