Trailers: Shoot Many Robots - Meet the Enemies

Shoot Many Robots - Meet the Enemies

Take a look at some of the mechanical monstrosities you'll face in Shoot Many Robots.

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gotta say, I like the style of this video. Time to go try the demo!

To the XBOX!

Dirt Screwer: Screws Dirt

Come on that's Guy Rule #4, let him finish.
I find the idea of chain smoking root fascinating. I must murder it horribly.

Is it just me, or does this look like "Borderlands: Side-Scroller Edition"?

It does resemble Borderlands, but just a bit. And it does look rather neat.
That chain-smoking fellah looked interesting alright, and i laughed at "BFF-s".
So, yeah. Quite the nice trailer.

I think it's closer to Metal Slug (without the squishy humans to slaughter of course).'

Beyond that it looks like it'll be a lot of fun.

Very neat trailer, but the gameplay looked the same all through the video so I wonder how much they really offer.


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