WCG 2006 Player Profile: Mr. Joker

WCG 2006 Player Profile: Mr. Joker

"The only crime," he said, "is that they don't have any Jagermeister to put it this"

The man speaking was "Mr. Joker," a Dead or Alive player from Milwuakee, and what he was holding was a plastic cup full of Stacker2's Black Jack, the "6 Hour Power" energy drink handed out for free at the ballroom entrance.

Mr. Joker says he used to be called "Thirdbest," but had to change his name "because I was no longer third best. People used to ask me why I was called 'thirdbest,' and I'd tell them 'Because I lost!'"

I first spotted Mr. Joker on Friday, hanging out near the Stacker2 booth where he had just downed his second shot of the stuff to see how the two different flavors contrasted. "Not too different," he said. I asked him if I'd come back in a half-hour to see his eyeballs wiggling. "No," he replied. "This is like my sixth shot. I'm fine."

Mr. Joker did not advance to the finals.



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