Ubisoft vs. Ubisoft's Customers

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*sigh* Ubithoff...

You know, sometimes when I'm feeling a little tinfoil-hatty, I can't help but think that this DRM isn't about piracy, or used sales, or anything like that. It's about control. Controlling the customer. Or if not that, than their products. To what end? I don't know. But considering how many companies seem to LOVE forcing in DRM programs to monitor your computer to make sure you're not doing something they don't like, it doesn't sound too far fetched.

Or, perhaps they're just incompetent.

Neither option is particularly appealing...

When given the choice between maleficence and idiocy, Occam's Razor dictated that idiocy is the simpler of the two answers.

It just makes me sad cause I really like the Anno series :(

Hmm... the servers also check for the Always Online DRM games.

Like The Settlers 7, Heroes VI, and so on.

So it is not that little information.

Sure, it only makes things worse. They set-up servers that need to function 24/7 checking every second if every single copy of all those games are connected, and thus, are being properly used.

Just to make sure the people playing it aren't pirates.

Because pirates wouldn't connect to the certification servers to begin with.

How much does it cost again to keep this up?

The stupid makes my head hurt...

.. the old hold on to what they once felt to be forever. The tower in tarot though teaches us that every tower no matter how good build can fall.

And so shall it fall with those who blindly believed in its strength. The old King shall fall.. the new leader shall arise from past the Hermits teachings.

In short.. yes they are being stupid. Because they fear a future

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