Guitar Hero 2 "Next Year" for 360

Guitar Hero 2 for Xbox 360 "Next Year"

I dropped my peeps over at Red Octane a quick hello to get a follow-up on the announcements from X06 yesterday. They are understandably busy, but Brian Lam took a moment to reply.

In response to the question of when the Xbox360 version will be released, all they could say was "next year," which puts it beyond the release date for the PS2 version. Which also means that we'll face a choice come November: wait it out or plan on buying it twice. Normally I know what my response would be, but this time I'm really tempted to spend the money twice.

I also asked if the controller, which is shown in promotional pictures without a cord, will be wireless.

"Initially," said Bryan, "the controller will be corded."

So much for finally being able to swing my axe over my head. Last time I tried that I almost broke Joe's PS2.



"Initially," said Bryan, "the controller will be corded."

Any chance of red octane releasing an adaptor so that I could use my current ps2 guitar as a second guitar for the xbox version?

Here's the solution:

1) We convince someone that the office needs a copy
2) Guitar Hero themed lunches until the 360 version launches


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