Guitar Hero 2 Songs Leaked?

Guitar Hero 2 Songs Leaked?

Videogameblogger reported yesterday on a supposed "leak" of almost the entire official Guitar Hero 2 song list.

Red Octane would not confirm the validity of the list saying that their full set list would be revealed "shortly."

According to videogameblogger, the list was revealed "accidentally" on a website belonging to MTV. The list reflected many of the songs about which we are already aware, and some we had previously not heard about.

In light of red Octane's refusal to conform or deny, I will not re-print the entire list here, but I will say that if two of the songs about which there was some question are, in fact, on the official list, and are, in fact, what I believe them to be, then this has only reaffirmed my commitment to buying this game as soon as it comes out. On both platforms. Because hey man, Metallica and Matthew Sweet? "ZOMG" doesn't even begin to cover it.

Damn leaks. Damn them to hell.

We'll hopefully have more details "shortly."



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