66: Back Story

"Take, for example, the adventures of Fred, a Minesweeper flag who thinks longingly of his family just before his destruction, or the story of the Queen of Spades, who is freed from her Solitaire-based prison, when she magically changes places with the person controlling her. Even the games themselves can take on human characteristics, as in the story of Windows Solitaire giving birth to a baby Spider Solitaire (complete with a pacing Bill Gates just outside the maternity ward)." Kyle Orland delves into the world of off-beat fan fiction in "Back Story."

Back Story

I very distinctly not being surprised to learn that there is SkiFree fan fiction....

This article reminds me of how I generally have conversations in my head for my characters in games where they don't speak. Where I have to put my own story in where one doesnt exist. It also reminds me of how I end up getting attached to the individual units in a game. I might really try hard to create a squad of elite rangers in Generals or keep alive that one marine who got 7 kills. I think of the first as my elite go to squad, or if I'm playing China, an elite sniping unit. The second becomes my promoted NCO who keeps peace in his squad, and makes them more effective. There are no gameplay mechanics to reasonably support either story. But I do it anyway.

Anybody else do similar things with their nonverbal characters?

amazing article that i just found by coincidence, i think i had that kind of times i invented conversations for non-verbal characters, Mario, Link, Freeman. pitfuly, nothing concrete but i try.

i readed that lemings story and, it was amazing, i have ideas for a zelda OOT story, and... i would love to read a nice mario fanfic someday.


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