Miracle of Sound: You Died (Dark Souls)

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Did anyone else read the title in the voice of Dooley from King of the Hill. You know, the little redheaded kid who only ever says two or three words at a time?

Good ol' Dooley...
"Your wife divorced you."
"You got soaked."
And of course, most fittingly in this case:
"You're dead." (Or "Está muerté").

Love the troll-y hilarity of the song, Keep it up.

This song finally convinced me to go out and buy Dark Souls.


I find myself listening to this one regularly. My favourite line is "Humanity restored and then YOU DIED." because that's one of the more painful ways to die.

i think that movie made most of us realize how often we actually do die in games like first person shooters and fantasy adventure games.


I bought Dark Souls because of this song...it was written like a challenge, and I can't just refuse that can I?

The last words aren't (taken from the text below video):
"Every soul spent
To doom sent..."

They are:
"Every soul spent
Once more you die."

I've actually thought for a while that gollums song from lord of the rings would have been a pretty good miracle of sound sort of song for dark souls.


Basically, just ignore the source material and forget it has anything to do with lotr, and imagine its called song of the hollow or something.

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