The Oscars Are Going to Suck

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It's sad that solely based on the trailers for the nominees (even before they were nominated), I knew what the winner for Best Picture was weeks in advance.

What's worse? So did everybody else.
Billy Crystal was relatively amusing for about a minute, and then I got up and left to study calculus.

Yes. I preferred studying a subject I find boring, routinely dislike and become frustrated with to watching Billy Crystal act like a jackass during The Academy Awards.


Now the Razzies, they're worth following ;)

I hear Adam Sandler is primed to sweep, given his 11 nominations.

The Artist winning isnt a surprise. Its an industry award, and all of the film majors I know were rooting for it. So that is no surprise.

Beyond that, I thought the oscars were much better this year than last year, even if it was a bad year for films

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