Space Janitors: Episode One

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this reminds me of Clerks

Usually i tend to hate every new show here, and then slowly warming to them before adopting them as part of my daily dose of internets.

This show I loved the first ep of. Now lets hope that that doesnt imply that I will begin to hate it eventually =P

Anyone else immediately think Red Dwarf? Because the whole time that was all I could think of.

I thought that the moment I read the title, since Lister and Rimmer were essentially space janitors themselves.

I was honestly expecting a Red Dwarf rip off from the get go. That opening scene with the spray bottle is JUST the sort of thing RD would have pulled but it got a laugh from me and it just worked. They seem to have taken a formula that has been done before and somehow made it feel new and fresh and exciting. Frankly it looks to have higher production values than RD ever had as well!

I am loving the whole vibe that the exciting parts happen around and separate from the main characters. I cannot wait to see more of this.

Does anyone else think that looked like the Reboot symbol on their arms?

I only caught a small preview, but I agree that it has a strong Red Dwarf feel. You know what it's missing ?

well that was pretty boring and the acting seemed a bit forced...expected more considering this isn't even an original concept. fail imo

Kewl, looking forward to more!

It's already better than the Star Wars prequels.
That's not saying much... But keep up the good work anyway.

This has potential, looking forward to more.

Okay, I really like this. There is so much you can do here. The premise is just perfect, the two characters we are introduced to are familiar but interesting, and being some sort of Star Wars (Or heck, Sci-fi in general) parody from a perspective I don't think has been taken before shows good thinking and I can't wait until the series starts.

Calumon: Hey, we already pay for the pub wub dub club! I don't wanna pay again!

Jack: You don't pay, I do! You cost ME money!

Calumon: :3

Red Dwarf crossed with Star Wars.

Hum, it's not bad (the effects are particularly notable for a web show) though the acting comes off rather flat. But that's something that tends to improve with time, so... ..yeh I'll give it a go.

Loved it, especially the Spaceballs reference. Are they Assholes ;)? I'm looking forward to future episodes.

That was actually better than I expected, acting was a little weird at times, but I'd imagine it would get better as they put up new episodes.

So, I'm hooked now.

Does anyone else think that looked like the Reboot symbol on their arms?

Yeah it kinda did. I was half expecting one of them to tap it, not that I think anything special was going to happen, but just for giggles.

Anyone else immediately think Red Dwarf? Because the whole time that was all I could think of.

Yeah it seems to be Red Dwarf meets Star Wars. Although judging from the extra characters we've yet to see (mentioned in the meet the crew) they've got more than enough original ideas to prevent it from seeming like a rip off.

The concept has promise and the writing shows some knowledge of sci-fi (e.g. soylent green reference). But for what seems to be essentially a comedy, there wasn't any one line that made me laugh aloud. Hopefully it's just something that'll take time to settle.

Yes. Best of luck. Shame that your budget couldn't get the shiniest of green screens, but then there's always Season 2 ;-)

Hope the episodes are as good/better than the pilot.

When I first saw the ads for this, I thought:
"This could go in two directions. It could be a genuine, low key production with some scathing satirical humor with a naturalized approach to the setting, or it could be a sitcom in space."
*after watching the video* ...sigh... I hate sitcoms. I'm still willing to give this a chance, but it's not starting well.

I see what you tried to do there... but why set it in the Star Wars universe? (Or rather, the Space Fights universe...)
Yeah, I'm aware of Red Dwarf(*). I'm also aware of Quark (need to go finish watching that some time).
It was too 'one note' that went on too long for me.
(And is the CGI supposed to look that unfinished? And yes, I spotted the ReBoot patch as well.)

(* I have also seen the travesty that was American Red Dwarf. Please don't try to translate British humour, it rarely work.)

I like it! Let's see more.

Loved the opening window part. This shows a lot of promise.

In terms of writing, I like it. Though in terms of set design it could probably stand to have a bit more color. I know other sci-fi ships don't sport rainbow pallets but there's still enough there to keep it visually sound. This came across as a bit anemic what with the white and light grey with sitcom lighting.

1.) Spartan Helmets with Stormtrooper suits?
2.) REBOOT insignias?
3.) Roomba brooms?

Not sure what to think. The animation was jerky as well.

I'll give it a few episodes to see if it is worthwhile or not.

Decent opening. A little flat, but we can see potential. Big guy has more appeal/charisma than skinny guy so don't try to run Red Dwarf with it. At best you'll wind up being compared unfavorably to Chris Barrie. At worst, you'll wind up with a character who's just unlikable.

Remember, the thing about Rimmer was that even though he was a go-go-go-getter, he was both intellectually and socially incompetent. So if your skinny guy doesn't have a similar level of handicaps, it gets hard to explain why he isn't going anywhere -- and that's a really hard act to pull off without making audiences simply dislike the character.

The soldiers remind me of Spartan-IIs. Looking forward for more!

Interesting, very interesting. This show shows a lot of potential, I'll be keeping an eye on this.

This seems like it will worth be keeping an eye on, however it didn't seem to provoke any emotion or real theme apart from parody, and even then that was only the framing, and didn't really work it for any jokes or anything.

Interesting but so far it's only really make observations with parody, lets see how this turns out in episode 2.

Most Escapist series are always iffy on the first episode.

Seems like there's some good potential here, it suck that we have to wait over a month for the next episode, but looking forward to it!

an interesting idea, to see the little guys story in a big universe...

Looks quite entertaining and funny. Interesting, I´ll be looking forward to the next episodes of this one!
Tho i really doubt it`ll beat Doomsday Arcade, at least in my eyes. But that doesn`t mean it can`t be great. So, yeah. We`ll see how this goes on.

so this show advertising got in the way of the websites functionality
that almost make me want write it of as not worth my time but i won't
i just won't watch it now since collage work and skyrim are a better use of time

Ingenious. Decent acting, relatively funny and a great set-up for a low-budget production. Altogether it means I think we're in for a pretty good series.

I was really hoping for a little more "Space Quest" and Roger Wilco.

My thought exactly.
I actually found this rather boring.


Yes. This is the type of quality you guys should be signing on, not the types of things you see all over Youtube (*cough Minecraft machinimas and Skyrim class builds cough*) .

very kool

I was hoping for a more general parody of sci-fi shows. A Star Wars spoof doesn't do much for me, but the special effects were quite good.

For some reason this reminds me of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and that's really not a bad thing. Can't wait for more episodes.

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