Space Janitors: Episode One

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Looks promising. Not Lough out loud funny, but entertaining. I´ll be checking out the next episode for sure.

YES, A thousand times yes!
This looks like it should be good.

Also, most places would grind to a halt if the Janitors ever stopped doing the their job.
Easily replaced but still very necessary for large organisations to function.

I was pretty bored watching it. I think the show's idea needs an overhaul.

It reminds me a lot of Red Dwarf, with even less effects budget, with obvious Star Wars overtones.

The CGI has some decent design, but it REALLY needs to be rendered at a more consistent higher framerate, it was really hard to watch at the end, it was so jerky.

Looking promising though.

Okay, this looks to have some real potential. I'm curious where they are going to go with it. I noticed that the rebels were named in the credits, so it seems they might have more than just a passing presence in the series. It had a definite Star Wars flavor, but they were obviously trying to play that down a bit. I sort of feel like this should be a 30 minute sitcom to really get a feel for the characters, though.

Susan Arendt:
You know, someday....I'll be someone worth shooting at.

If it's any consolation, I think you already are.

Not bad. A bit rough, but things will hopefully improve in the future. Love the concept, hope to see it grow.

I didn't hate it, but there wasn't much to like about it, either.

I'll give it a shot, but it didn't bowl me over.

its not too bad, i actually like it, i wouldnt mind watching more of it, but it does get weird with the green screen, but i understand about that

I saw it and thought "I like space, I used to be a janitor, I gotta see this!" and it was pretty good, lookin forward to more episodes.

They have been on several network shows in Canada.

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I liked it. I thought it was funny. The 3D was decent and the set was cool. I also couldn't tell the difference between what part (if any ) of the set was real or CG. The acting was good. I liked the beginning with the spray bottle. I am finishing production on my sci-fi feature called Space Trucker Bruce so I am very familiar with the challenges of 3D modeling, green screen and film making in general. I look forward to seeing more of your series.

I must admit, I really didn't like it. The comedy was so very bland and the dialogue was poorly delivered. The action sequence looked wonky and awkward, much like the acting. I'll watch a couple more episodes to see if they can make improvements, but so far I'm largely unimpressed.

Good luck all the same. Even if it's not my cup of tea, I hope it pans out for you guys.

Interesting... This show has a lot of potential. First episode sets thing up quite nicely and I got a little chuckle over the "Squall troopers" (I would have called them Storm Chiefs due to their overall attire resembling Storm Troopers yet their helmets bearing a freakish resemblance to Spartan-117. But that's just me)

I'm pretty sure the Dark Lord does know they exist. There's no reason to have actual sentient creatures working as janitors in a universe in which robots exist other than pure, unadultered evil.

It wasn't too shabby, but I'd have preferred more of a generic space opera setting than the HEY HEY IT'S STAR WARS GET IT thing they have going. I hope the best for you guys, but I won't be watching this one.

Glorious, looking forward to some more episodes in the future!

Ehehehehe, future, I'm hilarious.

I don't get what "promise" the rest of you are seeing but that was distinctly boring. If I want "like red dwarf" I'll go watch red dwarf, if I want "star wars spoof" I'll watch spaceballs. This just seems thrown together and woodenly acted with effects that meet the "uncanny valley", too good to be seen as quirky or intentionally low level but too bad to be considered good effects. I'm going to watch the next one but if that isn't a significant improvement then that'll be the last one I watch.

Star Wars meets Red Dwarf - Interesting start... you got my attention :-)

Geoff Lapaire? Holy shit!

Honestly, It was disappointing, If you threw some "Clerks"like angst in there, I'd be much happier with it.

Very Amusing, definitely want to see more of this.

Space Janitors:
Space Janitors: Episode 1

Mike Chet and Darby Richards ponder their roles as janitors aboard a space station while under rebel attack. Stay tuned for the rest of the eight episode season to roll out starting in April.

Watch Video

Unfortunately if this first episode was designed to make me want more, I want less. Poorly written, the actors are obviously trained and would likely be more interesting if they had material. Amateurish in my opinion--cant believe taxpayers would think their money well spent. Certainly not the snap and creativity of producers previous project.

Good composition, GREAT humor. Looking forward to the launch.

Nice slide show. Can I watch a low quality version of it?

It took a little while, but I remembered the chubby guy from a scene in PurePwnage, which coming full circle, their Yahtzee parody was how I discovered the Escapist.

Its got promise but to be honest I never laughed

A bit of a laid-back reddwarf/spaceballs. Despite feeling fragmented and cliche, I think it has the chance to go somewhere.

How many human janitors are in the imperial/ spaceships anyways? I don't remember a whole lot of them.

Yeah. I'll be watching this. Feels like it could go somewhere interesting. But why are there pub club ads all over the place, when I'm in the pub club? It's like opening a package of Oreos, only to see an ad saying "buy Oreos!" Yeah, they know their audience, but still.

Also, extremely relevant, and what stayed in mind the whole video:

Susan Arendt:
You know, someday....I'll be someone worth shooting at.

I'm sensing an Escapist minigame in our future...

Pretty decent. I'd like to see more.

OK, it was subtle and it wasn't horrible. I also didn't really find anything all that funny. I'm going to watch a couple of more episodes simply because these two don't look or sound like obnoxious nerds.

Think outside the box, guys.

Why is it asking me to join the Pub Club, when I'm already a member?

I love it! I'm really looking forward to following this show. I hope it can follow through. Good luck!

Seems the rebels were a duo of Han Solo and Zoe from Firefly.

Well, I do want to see more!

consider yourself added to the weekly list space janitors. Good job

A beter render would be nice. Some "fume FX" or "afterburn" effects also would be good. If you are doing this in blender - there's a lot of stuff to do everithing look beter. Though the actors are good and that's the most important. Good luck with this!

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