Space Janitors: Episode One

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It takes a lot of skill to make a series about people complaining about their blue collar woes interesting and amusing.

Skill that these writers lack. I get what they're going for, establishing our heroes as lackeys with goals of going above and beyond, but it just doesn't work when the content is just plain boring.

Editing needs to do shorter cuts. Blanks are too noticeable, feeling an imaginary struggle to push the video duration.

Interesting, but I'm holding out for more Red Vs. Blue type banter and a little more focus on characterization while maintaining hilarity.

But then again, I also want 40 concubines, and that isn't happening any time soon.

Still, and interesting premise that I find interested in, so I shall hope you shall pique my interest more in future episodes and that my interest should keep me interested for more episodes that are hopefully interesting.

I like what I've seen so far. It's sort of a combination of "Tag and Bink Were Here" and Red Dwarf. I'll be watching more of this for sure.

the opening reminds me a bit of Red Dwarf lol, what with the janitor thing and the banter

Relatively uninteresting and uninspired with poor effects (but not poor enough to reach that point of amusingly cheesy). If it was trying to be funny or even entertaining, for me, it failed.

Star Wars parody has been done.. and done to death. Actually I'm hesitant to give it that much credit, this is like a Film 101 project. The fat cynical(I guess?) guy and the thin bitchy guy chit chat while something unconnected happens IN SPACE. Also, with that much production behind it, they couldn't even reach 4minutes in length? Come on, if you're gonna make a show, make a show.

Yes yes, it's free entertainment, I'm not doing anything better, I have no right to complain. Is there potential there? Sure, there's potential in everything. Beautiful flowers can sprout from a dung pile. But for now, I just see the pile.

reminds me of red dwarf, in a good way, cant wait to see more

Looks good, I will keep an eye on future episodes.

Has this speaking to yourself bit ever been funny?

To be on topic I think it was pretty funny especially the black rebel warrior cause we know the only black people are Jedi.

only 8 episodes? I hope they're a bit longer..this is looking good.

Interesting. I didn't think the show would very good. Pleasantly surprised.

Now THIS is the kind of show that the escapist has needed for the longest time. Something that shows promise that doesn't seem like it's trying to cash in with blonds and boobs...

Thank you Escapist Team!

Now add in the wonderful world of union contract negotiations, overtime request sheets, and endless departmental bickering and this show will be perfect.

Just needs an effeminate robot, talking cat and one of them to die and be replaced with a hologram.

Looks like it has promise, definitely interested in seeing where it goes. Also my tax dollars are paying for it as an Ontario citizen so everyone feel free to thank me.

a good watch guys.

I like the red dwarf feel of it.

Right?!? That or Hyperdrive. I was completely thrown off when I didn't hear British accents.

Thanks for all the positive feedback!

We consider this first episode our "pilot". Subsequent episodes are longer and we really think you guys will enjoy the arc of the season as you meet the other characters and see how they develop.

Geoff and Andy wrote some hilarious scripts and most of the cast, including Brendan (Darby) and Pat (Mike) are comedians/improvisers from the Toronto comedy community, which is going to add up to a very fun show.

We're also going to provide a lot of great supplementary stuff that you can look forward to once we launch fully in April.

Feel free to post any questions you have here on the forums and we'll do our best to answer them. Or, you can check us out on Facebook ( and Twitter (@spacejanitors).

Finally, if any of you are headed to PAX East this year, come party with us!

Like Star Wars crossed with Red Dwarf.

In fact, too much like Star Wars crossed with Red Dwarf. Needs more originality. I look forward to future installments, assuming that happens.

Is it good? Yeah, sure, it's well made, pretty well written. Is it good enough to make me want to show my friends? Not so much.

Aim for that and you might have something. Take some risks.


Holy shit you got Nick Bateman to play in this? Now there's a fine lookin' man.

Master Chief Stormtroopers?
Count me the fuck in.

Check out everyone, the first installment of Behind The Scenes, where we get a bit deeper into the character of Darby Richards:

Hey, this was pretty fun.

Way better than those other lame-o shows that you canceled. Except for the one of slo-mo dropping shit. That was toooooooo awesome.

wait, a minute. were those stormtroopers wearing white MJLONIR spartan helmets?!

Interview with Geoff and Davin over at Nerd Locker:

This has to be a joke

Wow.. I can't believe Pure Pwnage ultimately died for this.

You know I had a feeling this would be shit (since it's set in space and there was no chance the production was going to look anything close to TV grade material) but I never imagined it would be THIS shit.

The dialogue was just fucking woeful, I barely made it past the 2 minute mark and had to force myself to go back.

I'm gonna rip into the dialogue now and get it out of the way. It's terrible, you don't just open an episode by going into wine and general conversation. What the fuck was that? I have no idea who these guys are, why they're there, what's going on, or if this is even supposed to be the show.

You then take 3 minutes of my life away having the skinny guy chat about how his bitch wants him to become an officer... YOU DRAG THIS OUT FOR 3 LONG ASS FUCKING MINUTES. I did not laugh once, is this even supposed to be a comedy? If you actually laughed out loud at all during this please tell me where.

Onto how fucking awful this looks, even their uniforms look shit, fuck me how hard is it to get good uniforms, fucking christ. You know the grey/blue janitor uniform from Scrubs? Get that, fuck me IF YOUR ENTIRE SHOW IS GOING TO BE 5 PEOPLE ON GREEN SCREEN DON'T HOLD BACK ON THE COSTUMES.

Mix up the shots for god sake, mops and buckets, back and forth for the entire fucking thing. Maybe have a closeup on the window or fuck I dunno, something.

It's hard to believe you both put your names on this. I can't understand why you'd release this to the public, I really can't, I'm trying to search for any positive but there really wasn't any. The whole "being shot at" thing was mostly just a horrible Star Warsy kinda thing.. nah it was fairly cringe worthy.

The audio was acceptable.

I don't understand how you go from making Pure Pwnage to making this, it all makes so much sense now, why Jarrett had that breakdown, it's fucking clear he was doing 90% of the work on the show to make it anywhere near decent.

Guys wtf happened, this isn't even on par with the first Pure Pwnage episode, what the fuck is this supposed to be? 3 mins for an episode? and you're doing 8 per season? Hahahhahah jesus.

Well congrats, you've just put the final nail in the coffin of what might have been an entirely new movement in television, not to mention screwing the last of your fans out of any conclusion.

I know this sounds harsh, but really dude. THIS was what was so urgent that the fans of Pure Pwnage couldn't get some sort of conclusion


Ep 2 will premiere April 13th! Yes, it is longer than Ep 1, which as previously stated was more of a preview. We're all working really hard to make this show the best it can be and we really think you guys will dig it.

I feel like I've seen this a million times.

Definitely amusing. It's always nice to see a bit of a comedy from the little guy in one of these 'epic war universes', so I really can't wait to watch a bit more and see how this turns out.

Also, while some people are complaining about the helmets, I find them a nice, little touch. Then again, I'm a Halo fanboy, so it's probably just because of that that I like them as much as I do.

This has to be a joke

Wow.. I can't believe Pure Pwnage ultimately died for this.

Thanks for being a PP fan, and for checking this out. Sorry it wasn't your thing.

I feel like I've seen this a million times.

you have, everyone has, and it's still not funny

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